What’s The Best Cream For Your Face?

skin cream for face

Having regular skin moisturization is critically essential for dry skin. However, it is also essential to ensure you use the suitable skin cream for the face to heal dry skin. According to doctors’ research, richer products like thicker body creams in place of thinner body lotion effectively quench extreme dry skins. 

If your skin is super dry, the skin barrier is compromised. It, in turn, makes it uncomfortable, itchy, and prone to skin infections. That makes hydration an essential practice. However, you can think of skin moisturizers as a shield to lock inactive ingredients and block harmful aggressors out. Pick the right product; layering on occlusive products can help lock in moisture, and frequent application can help balance skin moisture levels. If you might be indecisive about your selection, here are some of our top pick skincare creams to help you in your skincare routine. 

  • Peptide Rich Moisturizer

It helps you in resisting the natural aging signs. It has Linoleic acid that promotes healing and strengthens epidermal barriers. In addition, it increases protection from moisture loss and gives your skin a smooth and supple appearance. It also ensures your skin’s hydration and elasticity are maintained. 

  • Skinjex Hydrating Serum

It’s a highly concentrated serum that contains Hyaluronic Acid. It helps in reducing the signs of aging—at a cellular level, using Ultra-Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid. The lower weighted hydraulic acid efficiently penetrates the skin and effectively improves its functioning while providing anti-aging benefits.

  • Dual Action Exfoliant

It combines Alpha Hydroxy Acids and manual stimulation to loosen devitalized skin cells. There’s a unique technique used to combine these two methods of skin cell turnover. It allows Dual Action Exfoliant to stimulate revitalized and refreshed skin effectively. 

  • Refining Moisturizer by Skinjex

It’s a skin cream for the face that brings you intensive anti-aging retinol cream with revitalizing benefits .It’s a suitable cream for premature aging and environmentally damaged skin. It provides a highly potent and intensive formula with unique ingredients to help combat the aging signs that relate to collagen depletion. 

  • Skinjex Hydrating Cleanser

It’s a complexion renewing creamy cleanser, and it helps protect and hydrate your skin from moisture loss. It contains moisture-attracting ingredients see Vegetable,  Hyaluronic Acid, and Argan-based actives, and these ingredients play an essential role in replenishing humectants during skin cleansing.

  • Vitamin B5 Serum

It contains a non-greasy Vitamin B antioxidant gel serum that soothes dryness and provides a smooth velvety texture. You can boost the benefits of your daily moisturizer with multiple sources of Vitamin B. that will effectively drench your skin in humectants smoothing instantly upon application.


There is multiple skin cream for the face for everyday skin routine regarding specific skin conditions. While these moisturizing products are solely natural and plant-based solutions, they are safer, effective, and gentle skin products you can always rely on. If you are concerned about either product, you can contact your provider to make you feel as confident and reassured as possible before purchasing the products.