Chris Salis: Former VP of SAP – Current Leader Redefining Growth

Chris Salis

Often people chase personal growth when they think of making a career. It isn’t wrong to have such a perspective, but there’s much one can do. By tapping into a broader outlook, you will realize there’s a whole new world of bigger opportunities. It is only by helping others succeed, you can truly reach the summit. Christopher Salis excelled in his career and life by implementing this approach and he has set a benchmark for others to accomplish.

Chris Salis is a skilled professional who holds an experience of over 2 decades in the tech industry. Having led several teams of experts, Chris understands how technology-based solutions can be used to increase both productivity and efficiency. Presently, he lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, West Coast, a global hub of innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship.

Educational Background

Christopher Salis carries strong academic qualifications! His proficiency in the tech industry is a reflection of the quality education he received and of course his hard work. Chris has completed his graduation from renowned Purdue University. After that, he went to Adecco Employment Services which is the world’s leading provider of (Human Resource) HR Solutions.

Experience and Skills

Being a startup advisor and a skilled tech industry professional, Chris has applied his passion and determination to bring growth and innovation to uplift the technology world. He never waited for the opportunities to arrive, he worked hard day and night to create new ones. Building his comprehensive experience of more than 20 years, he has worked with numerous startups and multi-national corporations.

He started his career by working with Adecco Employment Services, where he monitored IT Procurement Program for global corporate operations along with 700 branch locations. Chris Salis also managed strategic vendors and partners and later served as Manager of Strategic Sourcing at Gap Inc. Moreover, he also worked with many SAP companies and gained experience of almost 10 years.

Besides delivering excellent results to many companies, Chris also broadened the growth opportunities for the teams of professionals that he worked with. He believes that employees are the most valuable assets of every organization. That’s why he always tries to guide and inspire them from his work and shares his experience to help them grow. It is only through mutual efforts and support that we can achieve success and Chris Salis implements this notion in his work to help others thrive.

Especially important for startups, Chris has produced growth opportunities in the world of startups with his work. For this mission, he used the (GTD) Getting Things Done method and lean start-up philosophy. He works with the vision to help others achieve their true potential.

About Chris Salis

Outside his professional life, Christopher is happily married and has 2 sons. He is fond of sharing his experience as a proud parent and often offers his advice on how parents should address certain challenges, such as buying life insurance and planning a vacation. His home is in San Mateo, CA where he lives with his family.

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