What should be the average score in mock test eg., EDEN IAS to crack UPSC Prelims?


A serious Mock Test is a base for a perfect exam day. EDEN IAS is known for its toughest level of questions and strict evaluation. They take a special mock test of around 300 students before the crash course for UPSC prelims 2022. This mock test is open for everyone as you don’t have to pay for it – Free Open Mock Test. 

On a Telegram channel that posts about various coaching in Delhi where they organize the Open Mock Tests before the Prelims examination. The channel releases the rating for these coaching based on the toughness of the question, Number of students who appeared for the test (helps for ranking), Relevance with the UPSC examination, weightage of the subject covered in the paper by the coaching.

Sl No.CoachingToughness of PaperRelevance with UPSC PatternGood Score for Prelims.
1.Vision IASModerate to HighMore relevant in the Current Section in 2018, 2019, 2020, but not so good with the conventional/ static portion.In a range of 98 to 110 in Mock Tests is a good sign to score above cut-off in the examination.
2.Eden IASModerate to HighGS Section was highly relevant in both 2018, 2019, 2020, and in 2021 tried best in the Current section as well.98 – 110 is a good score.
3.IAS BabaModerateTouched the entire syllabus but not in a specific manner.110 is a safe side to maintain
4.Shankar IASEasy to ModerateJustified the factual and conventional sections of the syllabus.Above 110.

Solving Mock Test paper should be on two levels – On your and through coaching classes. Solving more and more questions, not being in your comfort zone can be helpful for the examination. 

Old Rajinder Nagar or be it, Mukherjee Nagar, aspirants can find a lot of options for Mock Test Series but it is necessary to choose a good set of mock tests series before the examination as it may go wrong for your confidence level if you are going too harsh on yourself before the examination.

Vision IAS is an old player in Test Series, be it for the Mains or the Prelims examination, they know what should be served to the aspirant before the examination. At the same time, some new coaching like Eden IAS is also working hard to give the best to the Prelims Test Series, and also, they are taking over the market with Daily Answer Writing as there is no replacement for their daily answer writing. 

The difference between the Prelims Mock Test of Vision IAS and Eden IAS – the hold on the General Studies static and the current affairs. Vision IAS is known for its current affairs magazine Vision 365 and EDEN IAS is known for its hold on the Static portions of General Studies as the question paper is prepared by their teaching team, one of the teachers of EDEN IAS is very famous for having his hold on most of the major subjects – Geography, Polity, Economy and he is also known as India’s most known teacher for GS IV Ethics – Tirthankar Roychowdhary Sir. They are trying hard for the Current affairs sections as well. 

IAS Baba is also justifying it but the IAS Baba before 2019 and now are two different levels of questions. Now the courses are not of that level which they use to be when it was in Bangalore. Insight IAS or be it, IAS Baba, they started trying their luck in Delhi but may be due to the lockdown they are struggling which has a direct effect on the teaching quality or the material quality they provide. They were great as Online coaching platforms. 

Is joining the Eden IAS coaching for a 3-year course (Lakshya) a big risk?

Joining Lakshya is a big risk or not, is completely dependent on your attitude towards your life. Lakshya or any other program can show you a path, keep you regular, arrange a competition level, or best provide the right direction.

Joining any coaching is good for aforesaid reason can be a good decision and rather better than just daydreaming for UPSC and doing nothing.

Studying irregularly is equivalent to not studying if you are planning for Civil services. And as I can see good reviews about Lakshya. Rest you can decide on your situation, punctuality habit, and your strong determination for 3 years of IAS coaching


Apart from the way a teacher can teach you is far different from what you do at home. If anyone of you wants to test yourself make an 8hr/ day routine and if you can follow it … no need to join.

My Brother’s name is Rahul Kumar and he is very happy with what he is doing.

They make you write 3000 words daily in homework.

All the Best!!