What Is Googlebot and How Does It Impact Your Website’s SEO


Under most circumstances, the overall performance of your business is directly tied to your online presence. After all, you won’t be able to maximize your sales numbers if people are unable to find your brand online.

Most of us are familiar with the concept of search engine optimization. However, not everybody understands Googlebot or how it relates to SEO. Wondering “what is Googlebot?” Let’s explore all of the information you should keep in mind.

So, What Is Googlebot?

Although many people have different initial interpretations of this term, Googlebot is simply a computer program that has been developed by Google. Its primary purpose is to search through the entire Internet and add relevant pages to its index. You can more or less think of this program as a scout that Google uses to see what sites should be listed on Google’s search results.

Without a tool like this, anybody would be able to ensure that their website gets listed. Additionally, there wouldn’t be a hierarchy of search results. The front page would likely be full of the most recently published websites.

As you can tell, this would make using search engines far less useful and require users to come up with alternative methods of finding the websites they are looking for.

How Does It Work?

If you’re asking yourself “what is Google by an SEO,” you’re not alone.

The same goes for those who are asking “what is a Googlebot crawl.” Although a bit abstract in nature, the way Googlebot functions isn’t difficult to understand.

The bot crawls through the Internet using web links that lead to different pages. This is software that reads the content on these pages to the best of its ability and determines whether or not they should be added to Google’s index.

Since this process involves scouring the entire Internet, Google uses a large number of powerful computers to facilitate it. Googlebot also adds information about its activity to a database that it can reference in the future.

By extension, many people assess their websites for “crawlability,” which essentially denotes how easy it is for the program to navigate through their website.

What Are the Different Types?

There are several different bots that Google uses to facilitate its search.

For example, there are different types of Googlebots meant specifically for advertisements. Additionally, there are others built for the purpose of checking Android applications.

In general, though, the most important to focus on are bots that deal with mobile formatting, desktop formatting, video, images, and news. Having a strong understanding of these will allow you to further optimize the content in these areas. It’s important that you don’t neglect them, either.

Having solid desktop formatting while neglecting mobile formatting will cause your search engine rankings to drop.

Looking to optimize the amount of traffic that your site receives? You’ll need to ensure that you properly research your intended keywords.

You can learn more here.

How Does It Visit My Website?

By using the Google Search Console, you can gain insight into how often Googlebot visits your website and the actions that it performs.

This can also be achieved by consulting the log files of your website or navigating to the Crawl section of the console. It’s important to note that optimizing your website for crawlability is a bit more involved than it might seem.

More often than not, you will need to leverage third-party tools in order to do so effectively.

Since the IP addresses for Googlebots change so often, Google does not provide users with this information. However, you can perform a reverse IP lookup to determine whether or not the bot that searches through your website is legitimate.

Unfortunately, it’s not impossible for malicious users to implement fake Googlebots on your website. Left unchecked, this could lead to a number of different consequences, such as a data breach. The good news is that while actors can easily spoof the name of the bot, they cannot easily fake the IP address.

For those who are aware of the robots.txt file, you can use it to determine how Google visits different parts of your website.

However, you should never interact with this file in less you have a strong understanding of what you’re doing. Otherwise, you run the risk of having Google de-index your website altogether.

This means that your website will never appear in search results, regardless of the keywords that people search. For most businesses, this can be difficult or impossible to recover from.

How Can I Optimize For It?

Optimizing for this process is relatively simple. Your main focus will be on helping Googlebot crawl your website as quickly as possible. This means eliminating the common barriers that stop it from performing its job appropriately.

In practice, this means including plenty of internal links, limiting duplicate content, and improving the overall loading speed of your site. For example, a website that loads slowly and does not have pages that link to each other will be much more difficult for the program to navigate.

Understanding Googlebot Is Essential

Otherwise, you run the risk of being unable to fully optimize your website to appear on search engine results. Keep the above answer to “what is Googlebot” in mind so that you can fully leverage the utility it is able to provide.

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