Truck Drivers Fuel Cards For Truckers

fuel cards for truckers

You understand how much money it costs to fill up your truck since you are a truck driver. This is particularly true if you’re an Owner-Operator who must pay for such charges out of pocket. Fortunately, fuel cards for truckers can provide you with a wide range of advantages that you can use.

The cards might be used as a security measure to track and manage truck drivers’ travel expenditures. Fuel cards are now provided by several national and specialized brands in addition to individual gas stations and chains. The majority of these businesses provide prepayment and discount alternatives for a variety of retail partners. For owner-operators, the bigger variable cost is often fuel. Fortunately, you can lower these expenses with the aid of the best fuel cards for truckers, which also provide additional advantages. 

Benefits of using fuel cards for truckers:

Here are a few advantages of fuel cards to assist you to choose the best one.

  1. With these gasoline cards, you can lower your fuel costs.

The significant gasoline savings is one of the major reasons truckers and transportation organizations look for fuel cards. Additionally, you receive the cash price and do not pay transaction fees, which can pile up when using credit cards.

2. More adaptability compared to credit cards

Fuel cards have a level of control that cannot be used with a standard credit card scheme. Purchases are typically restricted to certain product categories or kinds, such as those made at petrol stations, vehicle washes, or other businesses. Owner-operators can use this to set spending restrictions, limit purchases, and prevent any out-of-line transactions.

3. Set boundaries for each day. 

Do you want your staff to be able to buy a little treat at the convenience shop without going overboard? You may establish daily spending caps for gas, convenience stores, and other locations where the card is accepted as payment with some fuel cards.

4. Centralised billing is provided using fuel cards.

Budgeting is a snap when all of your on-the-road costs are managed in one location, and frequent billing hassles are removed.

5. Get automated reports from the IFTA

Similar to this, you will receive automated International Gasoline Tax Agreement (IFTA) reporting from each fuel card. You may quickly download these helpful tax reports from your connected fuel card account. They have been created for you.

6. Maintain Transparency in Real Time

Truckers that use fuel cards benefit from incredible transparency thanks to real-time record keeping. When a purchase is made, for instance, you’ll be able to view information like the driver who made the purchase, when they did it, the odometer reading, sales tax, and more.

7. Make Your Drivers’ Lives Simpler

Making the process of refueling simpler can help drivers, who already have plenty to worry about, save a lot of time and effort. Fuel cards may be effectively utilized, much like credit cards. Additionally, your drivers won’t have to worry about bringing around cash or receipts that are vulnerable to theft or loss.

The HWY Fuel card is a complete program that can help you improve your cash flow, provide you access to trucker gasoline cards, and cut your fuel costs. For truck drivers, and especially Owner-Operators, fuel can be a significant financial strain. Fortunately, fuel cards for truckers enable you to save a tonne of money at the pump. Visit our website to find out more about our program, or fill out our form to obtain a rate and a callback.