Things That You Should Know If You Own an Echo Speaker

Echo dot

Amazon Echo is an umbrella term for the comprehensive range of smart speakers from Amazon. This includes Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, and Echo Spot. Although these devices have some notable differences from one another, the core functionality and operation are essentially the same.

Each Amazon Echo device features Alexa, Amazon’s proprietary voice-controlled intelligent virtual assistant. It responds as soon as the user utters Alexa. Although, this wake word can be changed to Amazon, Computer, or Echo. To use this, you need to first download and set up the Amazon Alexa on your mobile device or smartphone.

What is Alexa App and How to Use it?

The Alexa app lets you set up Alexa-enabled devices, which in this case is the Amazon Echo speaker. It acts as the interface through which you can leverage the abilities of the speaker, such as playing podcasts, streaming music, asking questions, check weather conditions, etc.

Where you can download the Amazon Alexa app depends on the smartphone/mobile device you have. You can download it from the Google Play Store for Android devices, and from App Store for iOS devices.

Key Features of Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is able to perform a range of operations. Some of its most notable capabilities are:

  • Control other smart devices by acting as a home automation hub.
  • Fetching traffic, weather, and other forms of real-time information.
  • Playing audiobooks and streaming podcasts.
  • Prepare to-do lists and set alarms.
  • Voice interaction, chat.

Common Issues with Echo Speakers (and How to Resolve Them)

The Echo speakers, undoubtedly, are amazing gadgets. They, however, like any other gadget suffer from some common issues that might be caused due to manufacturing defects, faulty software, or lack of information in dealing with the device. Some of the most common ones are:

  • Alexa doesn’t understand what you say – Alexa’s voice recognition ability improves over time. However, it might not be able to understand what you say early on. To resolve this, go to Settings -> Voice training option in the Alexa app. Here, you will be asked to speak 25 phrases so that Alexa is able to comprehend your voice better.
  • Echo dot error registration failure – Caused due to some sort of issue with the registration process. Re-registering the device might resolve this issue.
  • Not able to connect to the Wi-Fi – Reboot the router and restart the device. Alternatively, reposition the device by distancing it from other devices that might be interfering with the network signal.
  • One of Alexa’s skill isn’t working the way it must be – There are over 25,000 skills that Alexa can learn. Not all of them, however, are going to work the way you want them to be, at least for the very first time. The simple tip to check whether the skill has innate issues or is not working only on your device is to disable and re-enable it.


Already millions of people around the world are reaping all the benefits that the Amazon Echo speaker has to offer. It is an awesome gadget that lets you do a range of things: from learning recipes and streaming music to checking weather conditions in real-time.