Sean Tarpenning: Types of Real Estate Investments

Sean Tarpenning
Sean Tarpenning

Over the decades, Sean Tarpenning set his primary objectives to provide turnkey services to real estate investors. Sean Tarpenning and his companies have provided thousands of revitalised homes to Dayton, Cincinnati, Kansas and the surrounding areas. Along with his years of experience in the real estate business, he’s committed to creating investors for life. In addition to their expertise and knowledge about the local market, they can focus while using their over 100 years of experience in Missouri and Kansas real estate investment to help provide stable growth in. their investment portfolio.  

It is also essential to develop a positive relationship with investors to create a satisfying investment experience. Maintaining frequent and clear communication on the other side helps provide investors with a proper understanding that every investment move is significant to both the investor and USREEB. 

Sean Tarpenning and his companies treat their investors with the utmost respect and move on to maintain the portfolio of their properties. If fully rented and wholly renovated, Provisions’ turn critical real estate investment gives investors the ability to achieve their real estate investment goals at a very high level. 

Types of Real Estate Investments

There are various ways to get involved in the property market. However, you must grab as much knowledge as possible. Here are real estate types, one of which might become engaged within the property market and industry. 

  • Smaller and Larger Commercial  Property: Smaller properties have more significant potential for profits or loss; therefore, examine the precise location and any limitations associated with it. On the other side, more significant properties provide potential of more substantial profit or loss; therefore, in addition to factors to contemplate with smaller ones, it’s also important to consider whether you are comfortable with the increased risks and reserves involved, then plan accordingly. 
  • Personal Housing: Most individuals only get entangled with reality related to private housing, which can be best for them. They tend to consider whether to rent or buy. If they consider owning, they’ll feel a variety of housing that makes foremost sense to them, and it includes a precise location in terms of surrounding amenities. 
  • Planning for contingencies and vacancies: Planning to make your investment inland offers you potential rewards as well as being aware of ready risks. It’s essential if you recognize any sign as soon as possible. The more you learn and understand and proceed with radical awareness of positive and negative possibilities, the better your prospects in maximizing your returns.
  • Owner Occupied, Multifamily: Some individuals tend to scale back risks and responsibilities by investing in multifamily properties. The speculation is that they then became far more capable of affording housing costs. But one must also consider if he’s prepared to be a landlord with the associated responsibilities. 


Sean Tarpenning, the CEO of USREEB’s brand, aims to provide equal investment opportunities that help all clients with their real estate investment goals. USREEB works to eliminate the intermediaries of investing to remain competitive with their data. From finely tuned rehab to closing processes to placing their tenants, USREEB  remains attractive and detailed with everything they do. With over 200 turn-key properties sold, it shows the growth and opportunities constantly created in Kansas City, MO markets.