Aseptic Filling Machines: The Key to Preservative-Free Products


Aseptic filling is a critical process in the production of food and beverages. As consumers become more health-conscious and demand preservative-free products with longer shelf lives, the popularity of aseptic processing with pharmaceutical aseptic filling machines has increased. This has led to extensive research and development of aseptic bottle-filling machines and packaging products.

In this article, we will focus on MicroThermics’ Laboratory Aseptic Liquid Filling Machines and their applications, benefits, and the products that can be filled using these machines.

aseptic filling machine

  • Applications:

MicroThermics Laboratory Aseptic Liquid Filling Machines are used for various applications, such as:

  1. Creating samples in consumer-style packaging for taste testing and trade show displays
  1. Conducting long-term studies on how products and packaging materials interact
  1. Evaluating the durability and stability of products over extended periods of time under normal conditions
  1. Testing the compatibility of bottles and caps for use with aseptic filling
  1. Verifying if bottles and caps are suitable for aseptic filling by testing their performance and compatibility

Production and MicroThermics laboratory fillers have different uses, but they have a great deal in common. They are flexible and enable filling small batches of a variety of products, processed at various conditions.

  • Production aseptic fillers are designed:
  1. Meet the market’s demand for the high-speed, sterile filling to maximize profitability.
  1. Comply with FDA regulations for low-acid filling, which is required in the USA.
  1. Minimize the risk associated with high consumption of products.
  1. Accommodate a limited range of container sizes and shapes.
  1. Run for extended periods to produce large volumes of products and packages.
  • Laboratory aseptic fillers are designed:
  1. They are suitable for filling experimental products at low speeds while maintaining sterility.
  1. They can fill plastic bottles of various shapes and sizes.
  1. They are designed to handle small batches of different products that have been processed under varying conditions.
  1. They provide the necessary flexibility for research and development, but they are not meant for low-acid aseptic filling.
  1. They help to reduce risks associated with product development and processing.
  • Benefits:

Investing in MicroThermics’ Aseptic Laboratory Fillers offers many benefits, including:

  1. The ability to fill into multiple shapes and sizes of plastic bottles
  1. Small batch size requirements
  1. The ability to change over to different bottles quickly
  1. High sterility assurance levels

The ability to simulate the entire production process accurately and aseptically fill a wide variety of beverages into consumer-style 250 mL, 500 mL, or 1,000 mL (or other sizes) bottles right in their lab.

  • Products:

The following products can be filled using MicroThermics Laboratory Aseptic Fillers:

  • Juices
  • Juices with pulp
  • Milk and milk drinks
  • Plant-based milk and other plant-based beverages
  • Teas
  • Coffee
  • Meal replacements
  • Nutritional and protein drinks

To Summarize:

MicroThermics’ Aseptic Laboratory Fillers are powerful tools that enable product developers to aseptically produce small quantities of newly developed beverages. Their high levels of automation, simple operation, and durable construction make them essential tools for any beverage company looking to innovate and develop new products.

If you’re interested in learning more about pharmaceutical aseptic filling machines and how they can help your business, contact us today.