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Oliver Wood PWD
Oliver Wood PWD

Oliver Wood PWD says Marketing is the way you shine a light on your service or product in the dark and crowded world of products. And if the lighting isn’t great, your best side won’t be visible. As with the introduction of NFTs and metaverse nowadays, People now have everything in virtual from virtual land to NFT music albums and game skins, etc. Learning digital Marketing Is the most important skill anyone can have.

Now before Diving into Books, Courses, and videos available on the internet, you might need to know more about the niches you can choose in digital marketing and select which one will be best for you. There are around 7 types of digital marketing you can choose from:-

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization):- As the name suggests, this is a way to optimize the site and create the content that people are actively searching for. So the content and website get a high ranking on search engines.
  2. Social Media Marketing: – There are two ways of doing social media marketing: Paid and Organic Marketing. Paid marketing includes Promoting posts and ads on companies like Meta, Instagram, and Twitter. While Organic Marketing IS more focused on catering to your audience. It includes Building an engaging community is very crucial to have a loyal customer base and to ensure the constant sale of the company’s services.
  3. Email Marketing: – This focuses on directly pitching your products and services to potential customer classes identified by the analytics team of a marketing company and they receive different emails that would be relevant to the group.
  4. Pay per click (PPC):- As there are only a handful of pages that can be shown on the top of a search engine result. Companies use paid advertisements on these pages to divert traffic and potential customers to their own websites and services.
  5. Content Marketing: – It involves creating and distributing content ranging from text, pictures, and video that add value to the customers. It can include Social media Posts, Blog articles, and videos in B2C and webinars, white papers or reports, and educational videos in the case of B2B.
  6. Influencer marketing:-In influencer marketing Companies Collaborate with influencers—celebrities, experts, and authority figures who already have an audience. They Promote companies’ products to their loyal audience and many of them choose products on the influencer’s recommendation.
  7. Affiliate Marketing:-In this, companies outsource their marketing to other individuals who promote their products in exchange for some commission. It’s mainly done with bloggers and E-commerce websites. One of the biggest programs in this Is Amazon Associates.

Choosing the most suitable is crucial as Having a genuine interest and fun in your work improves the quality of your work and the marketing industry pays a hefty amount for quality content. You can learn more about them on this blog or contact Marketing Specialist Oliver Wood PWD for further help and clarity.