Nomad Internet: Illuminating the Path for Modern-Day Travelers

Jessica Garza
In today’s world, where being constantly connected is not merely a convenience but a vital requirement. In response to this need, Jaden and Jessica Garza Nomad Internet established in June 2017, stands out as a leading solution for contemporary nomads. The core objective of Nomad Internet, evident from its inception, is to provide travelers with reliable and strong Wi-Fi connectivity, recognizing that such connectivity is essential for individuals who are frequently on the move or living a nomadic lifestyle.

Essentially, Nomad Internet aims to serve as a beacon, guiding modern nomads by ensuring they have consistent and robust internet access wherever their journeys take them.

The Nomadic Revolution
Nomad Internet’s journey began in June 2017 with the installation of services in an RV park in Johnson City, TX. Recognizing the challenges faced by full-time travelers, Nomad Internet set out to bridge the connectivity gap, making an immediate impact and initiating a journey to revolutionize internet accessibility for the nomadic community.

Expansion and Technological Advancement
By July 2017, Nomad Internet expanded its services to a park in Seguin, TX, addressing the connectivity struggles of 50 full-time RVers. Utilizing cutting-edge LTE technology, Nomad Internet not only resolved their issues but also increased bandwidth by an impressive 40MBPS, a significant achievement in the early stages of LTE.

A Defining Moment
In 2018, Nomad Internet faced a defining challenge when the Girl Scouts of America at San Jacinto sought a connectivity solution for their park. Nomad Internet not only provided a top-tier solution but did so at a fraction of the costs quoted by competitors, solidifying its reputation as an industry leader.

Direct-to-Consumer Innovation
In 2020, Nomad Internet shifted its focus to direct-to-consumer offerings, transitioning from a business-to-business model. Introducing routers and cellular services, Nomad Internet addressed the urgent need for rural internet connectivity. This innovative service facilitated seamless online experiences in rural areas without fiber lines, overcoming geographical constraints.

Team Expansion and Steady Growth
The year 2020 marked a significant milestone as Jaden Garza expanded the Nomad Internet team, hiring full-time staff members for the first time. This move signaled steady growth and a promising future for Nomad Internet, reinforcing its commitment to providing unparalleled connectivity solutions.

In Conclusion
Nomad Internet’s journey from its humble beginnings in 2017 to its present-day prominence is a testament to the power of innovation and determination. By revolutionizing connectivity for travelers and underserved communities, Nomad Internet has transformed lives, empowering individuals to work, learn, and thrive, regardless of their location.

Join the nomadic revolution with Jessica Garza’s Nomad Internet. Experience connectivity like never before, breaking free from geographical constraints. Connect, work, and explore with confidence, knowing that Nomad Internet is your trusted companion on the road. Embrace a world without connectivity limitations – the Nomad Internet way.