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Margie Zaragoza Dimaculangan is the founder and the CEO of M and J Solution Provider Inc. She has extensive experience in the past years, and she has honed her skills to the point of brilliance. Her back-end skills earned her an excellent reputation. Her unique talents developed her business in the Philippines by providing various outsourced services to clients. 

Margie Zaragoza Dimaculangan: Outstanding Back-end Services

Margie Zaragoza Dimaculangan is a talented individual; she earned an excellent reputation in the short run for her outstanding back-end services. Her skills are highly appreciated for expanding their operations in the Philippines by giving them an array of outsourced services. Her firm, M and J Solution Provider inc, provides clients with excellent services for Business registration, HR management, Finance & accounting, Visa processing, and business development. They also offer outsourcing solutions for your daily business operations that effectively work for running activities. 

About M and J Solution Provider Inc

M and J solution providers mainly offer back-end services to bring the business forward. M and J solution provider was established to solely work in partnership with their clients wherever they are in their business journey. Their main objective since the establishment is to build your business from the ground up and help it expand at the right time. 

Whether it’s a blossoming startup business or already an established business trying to figure out your next breakthrough in the industry,  M and J solution providers are ready to help you out. You’ll get guidance and a wide range of outsourced solutions geared to help your daily operations more effectively. You’ll concentrate on the other side of the business that completes its picture: employees, customers, and overall business profits. 

Here are the solutions provided to your business; Business Registration, Human Resource Management, Finance & Accounting, Visa Processing, Business Development, and Free consultation

Here are factual reasons to choose M and J solution provider Inc 

  • They can provide you with the team, tools, and top-notch service you need to create more opportunities for your business to grow.
  • They offer back-end services that bring your business forward.
  • They are made up of a team of hard-working individuals ready to make things happen.
  • They are efficient, innovative, and results-driven


Margie Zaragoza Dimaculangan and her team are always ready and committed to making things easier by giving you innovative solutions efficiently and effectively. They believe in their shared vision of success. Do not hesitate to connect and collaborate with them for your next milestone.