Manifold your Pharmacy’s Sales with NimbleRx App Clone

NimbleRx app clone

The global Coronavirus Outbreak has literally broken everyone’s back. Even the big, multinational companies have undergone great distress. So, as a witness to such a state of affairs, I recommend every business, especially the locally operating ones, to get online. This blog will specifically talk about Pharmacies. If you are a Pharmacy Owner looking for the best way to take your business online, then, read the blog to find out how NimbleRx App Clonecan help.


Medicines are a necessity. Almost every human on this planet has had medicines for cold, headache, itchiness, or maybe cancer, tumor, allergies, etc. So, we know that the medicine delivery app is going to be a blockbuster because people are never going to stop purchasing them.

Digitized Healthcare Services like ePharmacies is growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 18.4%. This growth rate is forecasted for the years 2021 – 2028. The rising online purchase preferences are making Prescription Delivery Appa need of the hour.


  1. The Entrepreneurs

The Entrepreneurs who want their local residential areas and others to be able to place orders for their medicines can develop and launch this App. This Perfect App allows pharmacies from different areas to register on the App for free and only after you authorize them can they start getting service requests.

The customers living in the nearby areas of the pharmacy can order doorstep delivery of medicines via NimbleRx App Clone. The Entrepreneur is the Admin and so, they can set the geographical radius, allow delivery drivers to register, and make money off every order that gets rendered through the App.

  1. A Single Pharmacy Store

The single pharmacy store with no branches in the other part of the city can also use this App. Call it your Personal App. It is this App that will allow only YOU to take the orders and make the deliveries in predefined areas where you operate.

Now other pharmacies will be able to register with your Prescription Delivery App. Only your In-House Delivery Drivers will be able to go around the city and make the deliveries.

  1. Chain of Pharmacy Stores

If you are a chain of Pharmacy Stores operating in one or multiple cities, then this is the perfect app for your customers to order medicines online. Your customers can visit the store physically, see what medicines do you have, and simply place an order online. Or, people from a distant area can browse through all the available medications on the NimbleRx App Cloneitself and place the order.

As soon as they place the order on the App, the nearest delivery driver to that particular store will be assigned to deliver the order. This ensures that the order is delivered as quickly as possible!


This App offers an exclusive and robust set of features including:

  • Web and mobile Apps for customers to place their orders
  • Option for Take Away or Doorstep Delivery
  • Contactless Delivery
  • Live Order Tracking on the Map


Getting the medicines is as easy as ordering Burgers and Pizza! It takes only a few seconds to assign a delivery driver who would pick up the order from the pharmacy and deliver it quickly to the User’s Doorstep.

So, if you are a pharmacy that wants to expand its reach and make more sales, then NimbleRx App Clone is the perfect solution!

Get the App and Go Live with your new online operations in just 7 Business Days!