Kimberly Goldsteen: Strategies to Face Life’s Challenges

Kimberly Goldsteen

As we sail life’s boat, challenges tend to come at us with a large stress-inducing intensity. Under such a situation, most people will close themselves up from the experience to protect themselves from being hurt. However, it’s not healthy to avoid the situation we tend to fear the most but instead learn how to face them and cope with them in healthy ways. According to Kimberly Goldsteen, we’ll tend to fall and rise in life. That is the challenging part of life. It will pull up a chair, take your energy and ask you for a dance. It seems fun but scary. There’s a need for you to navigate through these waters well. Kimberly, therefore, shares essential strategies that can be helpful whenever you face a new challenge. it’s not that life isn’t unpredictable, but you can never know how it will end when you start taking action toward your goals and dreams

  • Cope and don’t avoid

Avoiding the challenges you are facing won’t make them go away. The ideal action to take is to cope with them in healthy ways. It means being honest with yourself and feeling for who you are and how others see you. It will help you find ways to feel better about yourself and what’s happening around you.

  • Talk about your feelings.

Speaking yourself out can help relieve stress by releasing tension and helping you see things from a different perspective. If you find it difficult to talk about how you feel, consider writing your feelings down in a journal to avoid battling challenges from inside. It makes it easier for you to express yourself when the time comes around again.

  • Taking time out from the situation

It could involve taking a walk,  listening to music, or actively participating in extracurricular activities. Taking time out will help you relax, slow down and take stock of the situation. It also lets you think about what you need to do next and how to handle the situation perfectly.

  • Connect with others who are facing similar challenges

Don’t allow yourself to face the challenge alone. Try reaching out to people who’ve been on the same path before you and have learned from those experiences; connect with them through social media or in real life. 


There are many healthy ways to handle life challenges. In line with that, Kimberly Goldsteen worked at The Kennedy Center and The Whitney Museum of Modern Art, which has become an important cultural center that connects thousands of artists with millions of people each year