Josh Homme and His Bands

Josh Homme
EDITORIAL USE ONLY - LONDON - NOVEMBER 18: Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age performs on stage at Wembley Arena on November 18, 2017 in London, England. (Photo by Gus Stewart/Redferns)

Josh Homme is an American songwriter, singer, record producer, and musician. He is popularly known for founding the rock band Queens of the Stone Age. But he had co-founded and remained a big part of other bands as well. 

Let’s take a look at the bands he had been a big part of.


Josh Homme was just 14 years when he formed a heavy metal rock-influenced band with his schoolmates Brant Bjork and John Garcia in 1987 in a Palm Desert known as Katzenjammer. He was the lead guitarist of the band. The band amassed a cult following by the start of the 1990s, where people often drove for hours in the desert to isolated locations and plug into generators to perform music. The brand popularity reached Chris Gross, who, besides becoming the band’s mentor, helped them sign a label. 

Queens of the Stone Age

After the splitting up of Kyuss in 1995, Josh moved to Seattle, WA, to study business at the University of Washington, abandoning his desire for music for a brief period. Josh came in contact with his old musician friends during this time and agreed to join them as a guitarist in the Screaming Trees for a tour. Then Josh became very close with the band’s vocalist Mark Lanegan and considered forming their band. They form a group known as Gamma Ray in 1996 and later change it to Queens of the Stone Age. In 1998, the QOTSA released their infamous debut album.

The Desert Sessions

In 1997, Josh Homme founded The Desert Sessions in Joshua Tree, California, at the Rancho De La Luna, describing it as a musical series. Homme said that you play at the Desert Session, only for the sake of music. That is the reason it is great for musicians. However, he believed that if its not enough someday or music is not the reason you are doing it, then its not your reason for being in them. The band record on the spot within hours, and the line-up constantly changes, adding something new for every recording. The band remains inactive for 11 years, and Homme announced its working again in October 2014. However, things remained silent for long. 

Eagles of Death Metal

Josh formed Eagles of Death Metal in 1998 as a joke band about the Desert Sessions with his friend Jesse Hughes. In the same year, recordings from the band were released. Josh focused on the Queens of Stone Age for the next few years, and Hughes got busy with his family. But in 2003, after Hughes got separated from his wife, Josh suggested he pursue a music career. Then, Jesse wrote, sang, and played guitar while Josh produced, arranged, and play various instruments, including drums and bass. Because of Josh’s commitment with another band, he couldn’t tour regularly with Eagles of Death Metal, but he makes occasional appearances during live shows. Josh Homme doesn’t consider Eagles of Death Metal a side project and is fully dedicated to this band. 

Josh Homme‘s list of the band doesn’t end here. He was also a part of many other projects, including Them Crooked Vultures and many more. So, he is not known as a King of Rock for nothing!