Innovative Versatility of Plastic U Channel Magnets NZ by AMF Magnets New Zealand


Plastic U channel magnets represent a fusion of practicality and innovation, offering versatile solutions across diverse industries. AMF Magnets New Zealand proudly presents its comprehensive range of plastic U channel magnets nz, designed to redefine magnetic applications in New Zealand with durability, adaptability, and reliability.

Understanding Plastic U Channel Magnets:

AMF Magnets’ plastic U channel magnets embody precision engineering and functionality. These unique magnets, encased in durable plastic U-shaped housings, offer a wide array of practical applications across industrial, commercial, and domestic sectors throughout New Zealand.

Applications and Benefits:

  1. Secure Holding Power: Plastic U channel magnets excel in securely holding metal components or fixtures, providing a reliable grip due to their design and magnetic strength, ideal for shelving and display installations.
  2. Non-Scratch Surface: The plastic casing ensures a non-scratch surface, making them perfect for delicate applications where the protection of surfaces is crucial, such as in automotive or furniture manufacturing.
  3. Weather Resistance: Resilient to environmental factors, these magnets are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, making them valuable for signage, closures, and even marine applications.
  4. Customization and Adaptability: Available in various sizes and strengths, these magnets can be tailored to specific needs, providing adaptable solutions across diverse industries and projects.

Why Choose AMF Magnets?

AMF Magnets New Zealand stands as a beacon of quality and innovation in magnetic solutions. Their plastic U channel magnets exemplify this commitment, offering superior-grade magnets designed to meet the highest industry standards.

Exploring Applications:

  1. Industrial Use: In manufacturing, assembly lines, and warehouse settings, these magnets streamline processes by securely holding metal components during production, ensuring precision and efficiency.
  2. Commercial Display: For retail environments, these magnets offer an ideal solution for securing signage, displays, and shelving without damaging the surfaces, maintaining aesthetics and functionality simultaneously.
  3. Domestic Applications: From home organization to DIY projects, plastic U channel magnets provide an innovative and user-friendly solution for various household needs, ensuring secure and damage-free installations.
  4. Marine and Outdoor Applications: Resistant to corrosion, these magnets are suitable for marine applications, outdoor signage, and closures, providing reliable functionality even in harsh environments.


Plastic U channel magnets from AMF Magnets New Zealand redefine versatility and reliability in magnetic solutions. Experience the unparalleled strength and adaptability these magnets offer across a spectrum of industrial, commercial, and domestic applications throughout New Zealand.

Explore the diverse range of plastic U channel magnets meticulously designed by AMF Magnets New Zealand, offering robust, non-scratch, and weather-resistant solutions that elevate projects, streamline operations, and ensure secure fastening in various settings. Embrace the innovation and functionality of these disc magnet, setting new standards in performance and efficiency across diverse industries in New Zealand.