Important considerations for getting a visa

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The non-immigrant visa allows a temporary stay in the country for studies, work, holiday or tourism. In securing a visa, the Embassy would determine the applicant’s qualification based on their eligibility under all applicable laws of the country for this visa category, says immigration office Tampa. Although there might be no definite assurance of visa approval, it is still helpful to know how to increase your chances of getting a visa.

Factors that can impact the success of an application suggested by the immigration office Tampa are as follows:

Supporting documents

Applicant must support their application by presenting property documents such as car registrations, title deeds, or land titles under their name. The applicant’s financial capacity is also considered and must have finances enough to cover the expenses incurred while staying in the country they are travelling to. A bank statement can be shown as proof of financial stability.

Purpose of the trip or reason for your visit

An intending visitor must present sufficient grounds and reasons for visiting the country if the visa is issued solely for leisure and spending short holidays. The applicant must provide travel itineraries that show activities and schedules during the stay in the country.

Background investigation

The Embassy would also determine the background of the applicant, particularly on the subject of employment. Below are some of the typical questions asked:

  • Are you currently employed?
  • How long have you been employed?
  • What kind of industry are you doing?
  • Do you hold any key position in the organization?
  • Are you a business owner?

The length of employment is also considered. This will help the Embassy determine the applicant’s responsibilities and source of funds to compel them to return to their own country after the intended stay, says immigration office Tampa.


Should the applicant fail to meet the financial capacity to support themselves during their trip to the country, they must have a willing sponsor. The sponsor fortifies the application by presenting evidence that they are willing to pay the applicant’s travel expenses. The Embassy wants to ensure that the intending visitor is less likely to seek assistance from public funds once in the country.

Length of stay

Upon application, the intending visitor must declare the length of time they intend to stay in the country they are travelling to and provide a return date to their own country, mentions immigration office Tampa. The maximum stay in a country under the tourist visa category should not exceed 3 months.

Where to stay in the country?

The intending visitor must present a hotel or other accommodation and bookings that show where they will stay. If the purpose of travel is to visit a family member or a relative, the applicant must provide the family’s address. This can be supported by an invitation letter or documents serving as proof of address.

Reasons to return to their home country.

The visa applicant must present strong economic and social ties in their home country to secure a favourable grant. It suggests reasons for the applicant to return to their country. It may be the family, job, properties or finances. The ties presented must also have supporting evidence.

The points mentioned above should be taken into consideration for getting a visa. Getting a visa for a different country is not easy, and you have to consider and provide a lot of documents while going through the process. So immigration office Tampa is here to guide you through the entire application process.