Faith Cheltenham: Motivating Thousands of People for Decades

faith cheltenham
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In today’s busy lifestyle, it is not easy to help people in many different ways. It needs resources and willpower to help the people selflessly. However, the people like Faith Cheltenham are the one who shows that, if a person has the zeal to do something great, it becomes easy to find the correct path. Faith Cheltenham is the President of BiNet and working as a social activist for the last more than 20 years.

She started her career as a writer, and after learning different things, she also stepped into the field of teaching and poetry. Currently, she is one of the reputed and recognized social activists as she is helping the LGBT community and bi-sexual people. According to Cheltenham, every person has the right to live by their choice and every person deserves the respect. In the last 20 years, she has done some amazing social works for the people of these two communities.

Faith Cheltenham

Faith Cheltenham was also honored to be a stage participant besides Barack Obama in the year 2014, who is then-president of the United States of America. At that time, Barack Obama signed the executive order for the protection of LGBT employees of federal contractors from discrimination. Between the years 2015 and 2016, Faith Cheltenham also co-organized four meetings in the White House with Obama including which also included the first live-streamed bisexual community briefing in the year 2016 at the White House.

As a community activist, Faith also interacts with different people to help them in their needs and enacting changes with state, federal, and local government. By doing this, she helps LGBT and bisexual communities in providing the appropriate services to them. She also educates the people of these communities whenever she gets the chance, and in concern to this, Faith also spoke at UCLA and Yale Universities. Faith always addresses the concerns that can affect the safety and health of LGBT and bisexual people.

Faith Cheltenham firmly believes in evaluating the different resources so that people of these two communities can avail themselves of the different opportunities. She also gathers demographic information through narratives and statistics for the better management of resources. Other than this, when it comes to public speaking, Cheltenham has been always remaining active and confident. During her public speaking, she always focuses on bringing awareness to the people so that they can stand for their rights and equality. She comfortably speaks to encourage the people in order to present the information and facts clearly.

Other than social activism, Faith Cheltenham also worked as a digital strategist. As a digital strategist, Faith used to evaluate the statistics for the implementation of improvements on digital strategies. She always created cost-effective and integrated digital strategies. Cheltenham also analyzed the reports on digital campaigns to increase engagement with the sales team and management.  

Since 1999, Faith Cheltenham is working selflessly and diligently to help the people of LGBT and bisexual communities. She always focuses on bringing awareness to the people so that they can stand for their rights and equality in society. Due to her extremely hard work in helping the different communities, she also becomes one of the reputed social activists.

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