Everything You Need To Know About Electromagnetic Locks


Are you looking for a secure way to protect your property? You should install an electromagnetic lock! These locks are sometimes called electronic door access systems or electric entry systems. Consider this type of lock if you’re looking for a lock that will grant access to just the right person when they pull up in the driveway. The great part about these automated locking mechanisms is that they don’t require extra wiring or other upgrades. In other words, they’ll provide a level of security that’s worry-free and easy to maintain. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of these systems and how they work.

How do electromagnetic locks work?

Magnetic locks are an access control system that uses electromagnetic or electric fields to grant access to specific individuals. A basic magnetic lock consists of a reader on the frame at the entrance, a door operator, and a latch on the door. A computer chip inside a key fob sends out an encoded signal to approach the door that interacts with the reader. If the correct signal is received, the door unlocks automatically!

Benefits of using electromagnetic locks 

There are several benefits to using these locks. Some of those benefits include;

They offer enhanced safety. 

If you want to enhance the security of your premises, you may want to consider a magnetic lock. These locks are secure and safe for individuals of various sizes. They can be utilized in any situation and any type of environment. Only the authorized people will be allowed to pass through the door. They are also an excellent option for businesses and other institutions as they prohibit unauthorized entries.

Magnetic locks are easy to install. 

With the help of the inside installation kit, anyone can install a magnetic lock on their home, business, or elsewhere. These locks are designed with all the hardware required for proper installation and function. You shouldn’t consider hiring your new gate company to install one of these systems on your premises as you may end up paying too much money if there is any problem with the project. 

Electromagnetic locks are cheap. 

If you are searching for a cost-effective solution to securing your premises, it is highly recommended that you consider this type of lock. They offer great value and affordability, making them the best option for all property types. They can be found in many stores and shopping malls in different designs and sizes. Ensure you buy from accredited sellers for the best electromagnetic lock price

Magnetic locks can be integrated with other security gadgets. 

Suppose you want to increase the level of security on your premises. In that case, it is recommended that you integrate some other security gadgets such as emergency call stations, fire alarm systems, surveillance systems, etc. For instance, you can install an IP-based surveillance system with an access control system. They will provide additional protection and make it hard for the criminals to break into your residence without being detected. 

Offers remote access 

With a magnetic lock system, you can allow people to enter or exit your premises remotely. That makes it easier for you to handle the access control problem.

Final verdict

However, before you decide on which type of lock you want to install on your home, business premises, or anywhere else, you need to know the benefits of each type. There are many great things about magnetic locks and how they work. If you want to ensure that these locks will fit your needs and the requirements for your property in the best way possible, then it is highly recommended that you consider working with the best company. We at your new gate company will help you find the best magnetic locks and other home/office security automation gadgets.