Boudoir Photography Tips to Make Her Look Gorgeous


It makes no difference whether you are a portrait photographer, a wedding photographer, a commercial photographer, or even a school photographer. 

In this post, we’ll look at some of the most popular boudoir poses—the poses that will help your brand become a global success!

What is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir photography walks a thin line between fashion portraiture and glamour photography. The term boudoir comes from a French word that means a woman’s private salon. Boudoir shoots are typically reserved for women, but men are welcome to explore a different side of their personality.

These shoots are intended to exude sensuality and intimacy. That’s why people usually dress provocatively in racy lingerie and pose seductively to assert control over their sexuality. Unlike other genres, boudoir subjects are not always professional models—a boudoir photography in Virginia Beach can be done by anyone.

Tip#1: Get to Know Each Client Before the Photoshoot

Get to know each client through an email questionnaire series in the weeks leading up to the boudoir session. These questionnaires can cover topics such as their hair and makeup preferences, the music they want to listen to, where they like to shop, why they are having a boudoir photography in Virginia Beach, and so on.

You can even set up a Zoom call with your client or invite them into your studio for a relaxed face-to-face before their shoot.

Tip#2: Explain Each Pose

Clearly describe each pose—and don’t be afraid to demonstrate it yourself if necessary. 

Talking to your client throughout the posing process will help to relax them. Make sure to encourage your client as well, so they know they’re doing a good job.

Tip#3: Change the Perspective

Change your perspective if a pose isn’t coming together with the way, you envisioned it. For example, adjust your angle or the height from which you are shooting.

Changing your perspective in the middle of a boudoir pose ensures that you do not miss the best angle for your client.

Tip#4: Check the Details

Before you press the shutter, take one last look through your viewfinder to see if you can make any minor adjustments to perfect the pose and please your client. 

If you were able to discuss any reservations or insecurities your client may have prior to the shoot, you’ll know exactly what to look for.

Tip#5: Wardrobe Choices

Request that your model brings a few outfits – they don’t all have to be underwear. Remember that the goal of boudoir photography is to create an enticing atmosphere rather than to expose the most skin.

Tip#6: Window Light

Window light is ideal for this type of shoot because it is soft, flattering, and inexpensive, and it floods the body beautifully and evenly. By moving the windows around, you can place them in front, to the side, or behind your subject. If the light from the window is insufficient, you could supplement it with constant LED lighting.

Wrapping Up:

However, the most important thing is that your clients feel at ease in their own skin. Body language translates well into photographs, and they will be astounded by how confidence communicates volumes.