Best ways how Fore TV Hub monetizes its website

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When you aim to succeed with your news website, you should reflect on new and unique features that you might offer to stand out from other sites, says ForeTV Hub.

Successful monetization requires a functional website with quality content, pleasant design, substantial traffic, and some “zing” to distinguish yourself from other websites.

ForeTV Hub has picked the five best ways to monetize a news site for your consideration.


One of the oldest ways to make it successful is using your website works surprisingly well even nowadays. You may want to carefully choose the advertisements to select the most relevant offers for your target audience. The amount of advertisement blocks is also a huge factor that needs careful adjustment. 

If you place too many ads, they would negatively impact your website’s design, usability, and user experience.

However, you may employ a widespread practice of offering premium ad-free access to your site for a small fee. This fee may be one-time and result in a permanent upgrade of a user’s account, or it may be charged every year, for example, to provide a year of ad-free experience. 


Partnership with trustworthy advertisement companies is how many news media websites make money and raise their reliability. One of the most simple and popular forms of such partnership is Google Adsense, which offers 51% to 68% revenue share, says ForeMedia Group

This network connects many advertisers and automatically offers ads that are most relevant to your content in terms of its topic and media type. You may easily customize what media format and size of advertisements you prefer, as well as their placement on a webpage. However, in this case, you have no control over the content of the ads, as Adsense uses its algorithms and the “ad auction” principle to select advertisements for your website. 


One of the most popular and best ways to monetize a news website nowadays is that paid articles are also the core link-building method. That is why this model is widely used in SEO optimization, website promotion and reputation management. 

Nowadays, it is common practice that online news sites make money by posting articles, preferably on relevant topics, with links to other websites. To make this strategy work, you need experienced copywriters to provide believable and persuasive texts optimized for search engines. 


In recent years, an increasing amount of news websites have made money by selling full access to their content. Thus, if you have a news site with unique and high-quality content, trusty experts as authors, a respected unblemished reputation, and a large loyal audience, you may employ a paid subscription. In this case, people would have to pay a certain sum to access your website or some of its exclusive content. 

However, this method drastically reduces the number of visitors and, consequently, may be detrimental for your standings in search engines. 


As a rather unobvious example, under some conditions, it is possible to monetize your website through other sites with the help of your writers. This requires an established high reputation and the well-deserved recognition of your authors as experts in their fields. In this case, they may be occasionally invited to share their opinions in the form of an interview or an article for other sites. 

Per employment agreement, the author’s payment for such tasks would be distributed, according to a certain ratio, between the author and your website. This method also allows you to build up your website’s reputation further and reference weight, thus, promoting your website in addition to financial profits.
The variety of monetization methods allows developing the most lucrative strategy to succeed for any news site, says ForeTV Hub. Your website must constantly develop to keep up with modern trends and technologies; thus, monetization should evolve as well.