Andre Alonzo Chambers: Renowned Investor and Entrepreneur

Andre Alonzo Chambers

Ideally, greatest and reputable business consultants have many tips to share, including the abilities that positively change the business culture while also helping employees’ performance and bottom line. According to the most outstanding business consultants like Andre Alonzo Chambers, top business consulting tips help business owners succeed in their business efforts. With his consulting, he offers an inside perspective on using social media, creating an engaging workplace culture, and much more. 

Here are some of the business consulting tips;

  • Sell Results, Not Services

Billing customers by the hour will make you seen as a commodity. Instead of charging per meeting, it would be better to set the prices depending on the scope of your work and the final results. You will set higher prices due to added advantages and values you offer your clients, it will in turn improve your reputation. 

  • Improve Your Clients’ Reviews

You should not center yourself much on profit regeneration. Although generating profits is essential, building a solid relationship with your client is more important. Always ensure your clients are satisfied, as these will affect your consulting reputation. For political and practical reasons, most clients would prefer to hire a consultant regularly. Take risks to avoid losing your clients.

  • Finding The Right Partner

Despite the success of a business, you’ll also need to work in partnership. Finding a reputable and trusted partner will help you build a strong identity. You can achieve this by creating a partnership program and promoting it digitally. Let people who meet the requirements join the program and meet them in person to discuss what you and your potential partners have to offer to support and build each other up.

  • Organize Your Own Consulting Business Events

You can get started by organizing events such as seminars to help your business get more attention, depending on how you present it. It will let you directly introduce your consulting business to your prospective clients. Also, you can invite a large number of participants and allow the media to cover the event to get greater exposure. 


Andre Alonzo Chambers is a seasoned consultant, investor, and entrepreneur born in Los Angeles. Andre Alonzo Chambers spent 20 years consulting with various fortune 500 organizations such as Cisco, Cognizant, and Accenture. He is currently focusing on consulting and investing in small businesses struggling to keep their doors open due to the challenges presented by Covid-19.