A Glimpse of Faith Cheltenham’s Social Works for LGBTQ Community


The LGBTQ community has gone through various discrimination acts in society in their everyday life. Despite the race to attain equality in society, activists have come forward to fight for them to give acceptance and recognition in the community. As the judicial system has passed many laws to respect the people regardless of race, religion, orientation, or gender identity. So understanding diversity, there is a need to educate the society so all people can live freely in the community.

One of the activists and the social worker, Faith Cheltenham, worked in the society to make the LGBTQ community personalities feel welcomed and valued in the community. Cheltenham worked to uplift the community to coordinate bisexual, pansexual, and fluid communities in America. It drives a change in the community works, and many people joined to work to uplift them.

Cheltenham started the social work in the Gore 2000 campaign as a Human Rights Campaign intern and co-founded UCLA’s BlaQue for LGBT/SGL students of African descent in 2002. Cheltenham appeared in Emmy winning reality series on race in America. Working to build a digital strategy for Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, Cheltenham worked on bisexual advocacy.

In 2012, Cheltenham was appointed to the University of California’s LGBT Task Force and was named one of The Advocate’s Forty under 40. Apart from it, in 2013, the first Bisexual Community Issues Roundtable was co-organized at the White House, where President Obama signed the Executive Order protecting LGBT employees of federal contractors. Also, Cheltenham spoke at San Diego Comic-Con, the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force, Creating Change Conference, UCLA, and Yale University in the year 1999 as a social activist.

Demonstrating social work, Cheltenham worked with various NGOs to make changes in the LGBTQ community people. From creating job opportunities to providing financial assistance to the community, Cheltenham put many efforts irrespective of gender identity. Fighting for equality to formulating policies regarding discrimination and harassment, Cheltenham worked on the ground basis to make their life easy and respected.

On the Final Note, Faith Cheltenham is one of the most renowned social activists who worked on the ground basis to create a change in society with the social reforms. Cheltenham’s work inspired thousands of people who came forward to educate society to accomplish equality in society. The social work done by Cheltenham influenced the LGBTQ community to live their life with respect.