A California Based Business Tycoon – Ben Patz

Ben Patz

Ben Patz was born in 1996 and began betting on sports as soon as it was legal. At eighteen, he joined an offshore sportsbook and began betting on games. His friends dubbed him “Parlay Patz” for his huge parlay betting success. One hundred dollars on Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao. He then bankrolled additional bets and transported his winnings to Europe, where he quit betting. He studied at the American University of Paris while in France. After a year in Paris, he returned to the U.S. and resumed betting. This time, he was unlucky and lost all his winnings from his first successful sports betting venture.

This setback didn’t deter him from placing wagers. He then won a $75,000 12-game parlay. The offshore sportsbook Patz used was not licenced and refused to pay his winnings. Instead, they gave him $12,000 of the $75,000. Because it was an unlawful business, he couldn’t sue to get the entire pot. After this, he was very wary about betting. PASPA’s repeal aided Patz’s comeback to the realm of sports betting. Patz, a New Yorker, must cross the bridge into New Jersey to use their legal mobile sports betting programme. Once in the neighbouring state, he parks in a grocery store parking lot and opens his sportsbook account. Football and basketball, both collegiate and pro, are his favourite sports.