5 Logo Design Mistakes Your Business Should Avoid

Logo Design Mistakes

Did you know that the reason why the Apple logo has a bite is so that customers wouldn’t mistake it for a cherry?

While this may sound silly, this simple detail is a crucial factor of the brand’s success. If you asked people to draw the logo by memory, almost any person could recreate it perfectly.

If you run your own business, then you should never underestimate the importance of digital marketing and designing an ideal logo. Keep reading to learn about 5 of the most common marketing mistakes people make during the design process.

1. Being Too Busy

If you’re excited about showing off how amazing your business is, then you might be compelled to pack as much as you can into your logo. The truth is simplicity is the key to being memorable.

When people get overwhelmed when they look at your busy logo, they’ll look away and forget instead of trying to decipher what your business is.

2. Trying to Copy Other Brands

Owning a small business is tough, which is why it’s helpful to learn from other successful companies that have found a way to flourish in our economy. While there’s nothing wrong with getting inspired, your business marketing strategy still needs to be unique and independent.

If you lean too much on other companies’ logos, then your business will get lost in the reputation of larger ones.

3. Illegible Typography

Experimenting with typography can lead to eye-catching results. However, if you go too far, you may end up with text that’s difficult to read.

Even if your logo looks aesthetically pleasing, people won’t be able to figure out who to check out after they fall in love with your design.

4. Unappealing Color Palette

Color can be a tricky science since there are so many combinations that mesh well. To be safe, you should aim to create strong contrast so your logo can stand out.

Be patient while you test different colors and consider getting other people’s opinions so you can settle on a wonderful palette.

5. Scaling Problems

If you put in all this work to design a perfect logo, then you should be able to use that image in all your business advertising efforts. This can increase brand recognition and build a solid reputation.

When you use a logo creator online free, you can avoid the mistake of creating a logo that doesn’t look good at any size. Then you’ll be able to make pens, t-shirts, website banners, billboards, and more.

You Don’t Want to Make These Marketing Mistakes

As you can see, logos are the face of every company’s marketing campaign, so you need to make sure yours is pretty. By learning about the top marketing mistakes, you can have peace of mind that your design process will be successful.

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