10 Tech Skills in Demand

Tech Skills

For business owners, workers, and customers, the tech industry is an ever-evolving and fast-moving landscape. Consequently, the most in-demand skill in the tech world keeps on changing frequently. Besides, since the struck of the global pandemic, there have been transformative changes impacting employees and employers worldwide. 

There has been an overall increase in reliance upon tech services and products more than ever. And it is going to increase only with time. So, seeing the current times, here are few technological skills that candidates and employers should be aware of as these are high in demand. 

Machine Learning

Also referred to as Artificial Intelligence, machine learning is one of the sought-after skills due to insufficiently skilled professionals in this area. If there are not enough experts, their demand usually gets high. Machine learning has been around for quite some time but is still quite new. Besides, it is unlikely to become out of need as it is future-proofed, unlike some others. So if you are looking for a challenging field that has great opportunities at present and incoming time, AI is for you. 

Mobile Development

Building a strong mobile presence has become essential in a society that relies on smartphones and tablets. It has become the need of the hour to have a strong mobile presence as it can help businesses and companies to interact with customers increasing their sales. Understanding API development platforms has enabled IT specialists to help firms develop mobile apps and create solutions for them. Thus, the demand for mobile developers with an excellent set of specific skills and experience is high. 

SEO/SEM Marketing

SEO or Search Engine Optimization has existed for more than a decade, still, one that has steered a massive inflow of jobs in which marketers from every industry mostly have created careers. Every business is online, and people are purchasing services and products digitally at their fingertips. Thus, SEO professionals are in high demand as businesses need search optimization to compete in their respective niches. Whether you are an SEO professional or building your way into the area, a career in SEO promises tremendous growth potential. 

SEM or Search Engine Marketing refers to using various search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo for advertising and marketing using the company’s website. It is done by paid traffic results such as PPC and by an organic approach that is by SEO. Thus, SEO is part of SEM, and both are already in high demand. With time, their demand will increase, so brush up your skills based on the latest changes. 

Data Visualization

It provides a visual context so that people can get a better understanding of the significance of data. For instance, converting spreadsheets into charts or graphs is a part of data visualization that helps to create a pictorial depiction for better understanding. As a skill, it is employed mostly by data scientists and data analysts. Besides, data visualization is quite helpful in digital marketing. Apart from being in high demand, this job can also be fun. It includes collecting data by analysts and converting it into a form that can be understood and interpreted by any person.

Data Engineering

Though different from data science, somewhere, data engineering is related to it. Data engineering is the area that allows the existence of data science. In addition, it enables the build of infrastructure and tools on which the data science relies upon for the execution of its work. Its growth is conspicuous. Data engineering growth has led to surpass data science growth. Experts have estimated that it takes at least two to three data engineer jobs every data science job to maintain the workflow. It is the reason behind the high demand for data engineers. 

UI/UX Design

UI and UX may look the same as being in the same family, but they are not. User Interface or UI specialists design interfaces for apps and websites, creating appealing beautiful visuals that make it easier to navigate. Whereas, User Experience or UX specialists do everything necessary, including research and testing, to figure out every element of how the user interacts and communicates with the website and company. The UI is for those who want to specialize in the feel, look, visuals, or layout of the product, while UX is to meet users’ needs through research, analysis, and testing. 


Being the necessity of every business that operates online, cyber-security is a skill high in demand. In the increasingly digital world, cybercrime has also become quite prevalent, and it has the potential to destroy companies that have so much at stake. So, cybersecurity is a must-have skill taken seriously in the tech industry. It is estimated that there will be millions of unfulfilled jobs in this sector in the coming year. Thus it is a skill that’s in demand. Besides, this field is suffering from a shortage of staff and needs emergent cyber talent. As a young graduate, take some cybersecurity courses to earn handsome money. 

Cloud Computing/AWS

Company finances have been shaken, especially due to the pandemic crisis. Cloud computing skills, including management and troubleshooting, security for cloud services, deployment, and configuration, will be vital to IT since they can help to reduce the capital expenditure by a great margin. Though fairly new, cloud computing demand is set to rise shortly. With the latest cloud technology, it is worth having the right skills for the jobs it creates. 

More and more businesses are moving towards cloud technology solutions for their various benefits, such as cost-effectiveness and security. Thus, the demand for cloud computing is likely to rise in the years to come. 


It can be defined as a decentralized distributed, reliable digital ledger that keeps track of transactional records immutable. Blockchain offers complete security, immutability, reliability, transparency, and privacy. The hype about Blockchain technology is due to its real potential. It greatly impacts multiple applications, including technical and financial sectors, by using smart contracts, among other apps. In addition, it has been claimed to offer help in logistics, music and entertainment, healthcare, and supply chain, among others. Peculiar features of Blockchain are suitable for every industry, and it seems like its demand will increase in upcoming years.


IoT or the Internet of things is system computer devices. These digital and mechanical machines are interrelated and provided with UIDs that can transfer data without the need for the human to the computer or human to human interaction over a network. IoT enables businesses and people to implement higher-level tasks, control environments, and get meaningful insights. Humans and companies can gain and save using this resource by automating tasks, whether it comes to the workplace or home.