This Smart Planter Can Turn Your Plant Into A Virtual Pet

This Smart Planter Can Turn Your Plant Into A Virtual Pet

Plants are like pets. They cannot express their feelings verbally which makes it difficult for us to understand their needs. They communicate with us through cues like drooping, sprouting and growing, which isn’t something everyone can decode. Have you ever wondered, “How does my plant really feel?” when you water it or look at it with love? If yes, you’re about to find out a new futuristic device that can make you a green thumb effortlessly!

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Belgian designer Vivien Mueller created an anthropomorphic vase embedding sensors that can measure things like soil moisture, temperature and light exposure to keep your houseplant alive. Using these sensors, the planter displays 15 different emotions that your plant is experiencing on a 2.4-inch LCD screen.

For instance, if your plant is cold, the screen lights up with clattering teeth. Similarly, if its too hot, the screen will show beads of sweat. So, you can know how hydrated your plant is. As you water it, it will go back to the happy face. If you water too much, it will look sick, or if its dehydrated, it will show it panting with its tongue out. Apart from these, Lua displays 15 real-time animations, out of which, six are related to plant’s heath and overall well-being, while the rest nine including the wink and grumpy will make Lua and your plant lively!

Mu Design

Lua also comes with motion sensing feature that follows movement. Whenever it detects movement in front of them, it follows it with the eyes.

The smart planter is connected to a free app where owners can log what kind of plant they’re taking care of by scanning a QR code. Using the information, Lua, powered by USB, makes the guess work and automatically calibrates the sensor to your plant’s specific needs.

Mu Design, the parent company is raising funds on Indiegogo and plans to ship Lua out in December 2019.

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