Goldberg Returns To Raw, Challenges Dolph Ziggler To Match At WWE SummerSlam

Goldberg Returns To Raw, Challenges Dolph Ziggler To Match At WWE SummerSlam

Goldberg officially announced his in-return, telling Dolph Ziggler “you’re next!” as the WWE Hall of Famer and former undefeated world champion will take on Ziggler at WWE SummerSlam.

Goldberg’s matchup against Dolph Ziggler was announced during the main event segment featuring Ziggler, former SummerSlam opponent The Miz and WWE Hall of Fame Shawn Michaels.

Ziggler had been making a weekly habit of taking digs at Goldberg, and despite asinine reports of WWE not being on speaking terms with Goldberg, the two sides seemed more than happy to discuss rolling out the legendary wrestler for one of its biggest shows of the year.

Goldberg will take on Dolph Ziggler in what will be a redemption project as the former WCW champion looks to avenge his mess of a match against The Undertaker at Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia. Last month at Extreme Rules saw The Undertaker do just that as he teamed up with Roman Reigns in an overachieving match opposite Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre.

Assuming this will be a quick, yet electrifying, squash match Dolph Ziggler represents the perfect opponent for Goldberg. A much smaller, highly athletic wrestler who can make Goldberg’s power moves look that much more impressive. Dolph Ziggler has also played his role perfectly as the young, overconfident and blasphemous hotshot despite being a 39-year-old veteran who made his wrestling debut in 2004.

Goldberg will join Trish Stratus as a WWE Hall of Famer who will compete in a special attraction match come SummerSlam.

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