Zach Vouga – An Individual Attempting to Create Vegan McDonald’s

Plant Power Fast Food - Zach Vouga

Have you ever been on a long road trip with your friends? Searched for vegan food stores nearby the highway? Your friends might have felt elated. Finding only McDonald’s if you are a vegan straight out the way is a pain! There is nothing you can feel like eating a filling meal. You have to stay hungry or have to look for any other options. So how do they cope with the situation? Just saw your friends enjoying the trip and getting delicious meals.

Thanks to Zach Vouga, who is trying to create vegan McDonalds all over the country. You can get vegan dishes now, and getting veg meals at McDonald’s is not a dream anymore. With the passion of doing something great, he is helping Americans to live a healthier life than ever before! His efforts in establishing a chain of cruelty-free fast-food restaurants are praisable. Now people are much aware that they can get all the necessary nutrition supplements from vegan food items.

His role in the rapid rise of the vegan food industry is vital. He brought a revolutionary change in the industry. Leveraging his profound knowledge and passionate mind, he opened his first-plant-based, cruelty-free, environmentally sustainable fast-food restaurant along with his cofounders. In 2016, he established a fast-food restaurant in San Diego, California – a dream came true. Implementing the advanced strategies and more than $6 million in funding, the growth of these restaurants skyrocketed and expanded to five other locations.

Zach is an individual with a success-oriented mind and utmost zeal towards accomplishments. Working in the field for a long time, he has gained immense knowledge. If you talk about his academic career then, Zach has excelled in it. When he earned his graduate degree from DePaul University (2011), he began to manage various projects regarding the maintenance and quality of food. During this phase, he thought of flourishing the chain of 100% plant-based fast-food restaurants to allow the American’s live a healthier life.

What Vouga has done, reduced animal cruelty in the U.S. and somehow made vegan folks who find it difficult to get a veg food dish – happy! This admirable work makes him the most recognized in the country. In a nutshell, Zach Vouga is an individual who dreamt of creating a Vegan McDonalds got succeed with the firm determination and dedication he has.