Why Soft Touch Car Wash is Better for Interior Cleaning

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In old times when the introduction of vehicles into the market,  the only way cars could get cleaned was a friction style technique which involved much use of brushes stiffed with bristles rubbed against a vehicle to get rid of accumulated dirt. But this doesn’t sound like the proper way of car cleaning as th constant rubbing can damage your car’s finish and painting, such as door handles, mirrors, and other interior parts. With globalization and improvement in various aspects of day-to-day activities, thanks to the manufacturer in interior car cleaning Toronto for making improvements im car cleaning with advancement in media cleaning, performance, and overall operating systems. In the market, we now have soft-touch cleaning that treats car cleaning services more gently.

  • Is Soft Car Wash Better for  Interior Cleaning

The soft car wash uses foam created by mild soap and soft clothes rollers that get rid of accumulated dirt from interior car parts. Are you a newbie to this modernized cleaning method? This advancement of soft-touch wash and internal operation has resulted in unmatched benefits to all car owners that moved with this advancement.

  • It Saves Time

Do you have a busy schedule and running out of time? Depending on the package you choose, you can get your car cleaned in under five minutes. For instance, if you choose the express wash option, it’s a quick and hassle-free experience for your car interior. It includes presoak, foam bath, soft cloth wash and rinses, and a powerful air dryer finish.

  • Higher Throughput Rates

Soft-touch car wash features components that are safe and efficient. While taking the shortest time possible to prep your car’s interior, the cleaning is usually done cost-effectively and reducing any possible interior vehicle damage and system breakage. In addition, the cleaning media takes advantage of the internet with a cloud-based reporting system that analyses your car’s overall performance while suggesting areas of improvement. Generally, higher throughput rates result in perfect cleaning and improved costumers satisfaction.

  • Optimized Operating Costs

With the improvement in wash media, wash systems have entirely replaced hydraulic systems with variable frequency drives. It saves oil leaks, breakage, and high maintenance cost since variable frequency drive is economical. It depends on the amount of power used to operate wash systems. Won’t this leave you fully satisfied?

  • Good Washing Techniques

Washing media am has resulted in a good washing technique as its services are automated. A perfect washing technique for your car interior parts considering its movement and gentle pressure of soft cloth effectively distributing water and foam up to places out of reach. The movement loosens the dirt spot, and finally, the rinse treatment washes away the. Dirt leaving your car interior clean.


Soft-touch car wash improves from time to time to ensure you get satisfied with minimum damages to your car interior as well as painting and finish. It results in better cleaning treatment for your car interior, is an option to consider over spinning plastic bristles brushes found at some automated car wash. If you need a superior clean and value for your money, schedule an appointment with interior car cleaning Toronto for interior detailing services.