Why Do You Need Domestic Electricians?


If your home wasn’t built very recently in Brisbane, the electrical system may already need some repair or upgrades by the domestic electricians Brisbane. The new electrical codes make homes safer and it is important to keep up with them. Technology is changing at an ever faster pace and power needs are growing every day. Older homes have a harder time keeping up with the electrical demands of today. Although the symptoms are obvious, they are often ignored or overlooked.

Here are some things to watch out for:

Cut-Offs Put You in Darkness

Your circuits may be drawing more current than they are capable of safely providing. This can happen if your circuit-breakers trip frequently or fuses blow often. This could also be a sign of a dangerous fault in one or more circuits.

The Lights Flicker

Do you give your hair dryer a moment to pause before turning on the vanity lamp? Do the ceiling lights dim when the refrigerator or air conditioner turns on? Motor-driven appliances can draw a lot of currents so they should be wired to dedicated circuits. Consider adding a 20-amp service line for smaller appliances that may also be causing problems.

Many Outlets Have an Octopus

Your electrical system may be overloaded if plug-strips or multi-receptacle accessories are strangling outlets. To restore safety and order, additional circuits with duplex outlets are required.

Carpet Bumps

Your living room should look like a snake farm, with wires running underneath the furniture and rugs. This is a dangerous situation, and you will need more outlets. Extension cords can be found under the rugs and furniture, so make sure your outlets are not too far apart. These signs indicate that you need additional outlets throughout your house.

You Can’t Make Three into Two

Older homes may not accept three-prong grounded outlets. This could be more serious than the inability to plug in your microwave oven. It could also indicate that your electrical wiring is not properly grounded.

The Old Standards Don’t Apply

Do you find any bits of rubber inside the switch or outlet cover that you have removed? Do the wires have cloth covers instead of plastic? If the answer is yes, then your insulation may be outdated and not up-to-date for today’s electrical requirements.

Feel Warm and Tingly All Over

Are electrical-system surfaces such as switches, outlets, and other surfaces comfortable to touch? Is there any blackening on the switchboard, wall, terminals, or wire ends? Is there a slight shock when you turn on a switch or outlet? It could be that the circuit is too demanding or that there is something more dangerous and complicated. It should be checked for any aluminum wiring regularly.

Do Not Go Near Water

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters are required for outlets protecting wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and utility rooms. Retrofitting your home code will make it safe and compliant. To ensure that GFCIs are working correctly, check if they have been installed near dishwashers or sinks.

It Doesn’t Get Better-Just Older

While living in Brisbane, if your home is older than 25 years and you haven’t upgraded your electrical service in the past, it could be unsafe. The domestic electricians in Brisbane can inspect your wiring system and bring it up-to-date if necessary.