Which Healing Crystals You Should Wear?


Crystals are often seen as a sort of medicine with concepts that are based on beliefs from old pagan religions. These days, crystals are gaining favor again, not simply for their attractiveness but also for their curative powers. Every crystal has a special role when it comes to energy healing.

Some have been described as useful for love endeavors, and some have been used to materialize money, while a rose quartz pendant necklace is useful in maternal energies. Everyone’s body, mind, and soul are better served by different stones.

So, let’s have a quick look at the few healing stones which are recommended to wear to maintain your energy. 

1. Quartz

While being good for the immune system, it also helps to cleanse the mind and calm the body’s energy. When we keep crystals around in our daily lives, we are in touch with the planet’s healing energy. In fact, this is increased even more when we wear these gems. Clear quartz is beneficial for those who are pregnant or suffering from menopause since it helps with memory and attention.

2. Turquoise

The turquoise stone is often believed to be an energy link between the world of the spirit and the material world, helping people balance their emotions. Additionally, Turquoise is also a fortunate charm, and when presented as a present, it has the potential to increase the efficiency of any medicinal powers. 

3. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is often used as a meditation stone since it is the stone that represents the heart chakra. Healing emotional traumas, increasing self-love, and nurturing intrinsic compassion are all aspects of loving-kindness. Rose quartz is associated with maternal energies and is often used to help people heal after the death of a mother. You can wear this stone as a rose quartz pendant necklace to maintain its beauty. 

4. Ruby 

The ruby is one of the world’s most well-recognized crystals, though it is mostly recognized for its reddish tint and associated with wealth and elegance. Wearing or carrying a ruby may signal to the world that you are ready to experience all the carnal delights of life. Lust, libido, and tremendous energy are frequently all linked to it.

5. Sapphire

Divinity, majesty, and intelligence are expressed via this vivid blue stone. It has the ability to provide both wealth and happiness while at the same time exposing the mind to things like success and perceptiveness. For an impious individual, a sapphire loses its shine. This amulet was used to keep a woman chaste, uncover a scam, and keep the wearer safe from betrayal.

6. Tiger’s Eye 

The way this stone may help people deal with self-doubt, worry, and fear is amazing. Tiger’s eye beads may stimulate the solar plexus chakra, which is related to self-motivation and willpower. This stone is said to provide stabilizing energy, which is thought to provide mental alterations that are generally good.

7. Jasper 

Though often referred to as the “Supreme Nurturer,” this stone embodies the earthy colors and furrows of nature, with patterns that closely resemble a starry night sky, overgrown fields, and imposing mountains. This jasper stone used to be worn by shamans, priests, and monarchs and is regarded as a protective talisman both in the world of man and in the spiritual realm.

Wrapping It up!!

Many different stones may be utilized to attain wonderful things in life, but each stone possesses its particular therapeutic characteristics. A true desire to accept positive emotions, achievement, and happiness should be paired with the correct usage of crystals like a ruby stone for wealth, rose quartz pendant necklace for maternal energies, sapphire for positive success vibes, etc.