What is Social Selling? Explain its four building Stones

social selling Linkedin

Social selling is about using your social network to find the right people, build trusting relationships, and reach your sales goals, like making more money. Using this sales method, you can get more leads for your business, and you don’t have to cold call to find new customers. In addition, relationships are easier to build and keep when you and your customer are part of the same network (for example Social selling Linkedin, Facebook etc).

Make a professional brand –

Everyone knows how important it is to have a professional brand when you meet someone. What you wear, how you move, your voice, and what you say – the list goes on and on. At least as important as having a professional online brand is having a good one. Make sure you have a good picture that shows you in a good light on LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social networks. It’s essential to write an interesting “story of you” that makes your personality come to life and sums up what you might be able to do for both current and future clients.

Find the Right People –

The Internet makes it easier to find people who might be good prospects and learn more about them. There is a good chance you already use LinkedIn, Twitter, and other tools. Even though you did your research, you need to go even deeper and do “account mapping,” which it says. This will help you determine who in the company you need to target and which “social selling” activities will be most effective.

Listen To Insights –

To sell something on social media, you need to do more than send a request to connect or an email on LinkedIn. A cold call is the same thing. It will not work. Engaging with insights can help you rise in the ranks and become more visible, so you need to use LinkedIn groups.

One of the easiest ways to get your name out there on the Internet is to join LinkedIn groups focused on your field. You might want to start by adding your thoughts to the “conversations” other members have created. For example, you could add a new perspective or activate a new theme. This term is “content,” You might want to put something up yourself. You’ll soon find that if you have ideas that other people in your field find interesting, you’ll have “followers” who want to comment and add to your conversations. 

You should build strong relationships with other people –

All Social Selling is about building solid relationships with other people. After just one date, trying to get married isn’t something you should do quickly. Instead, the prospect may check out your LinkedIn page over time as they connect more and more online. 

Final Words…!!!When you know what social selling Linkedin is, it’s essential to be able to measure it. For the first time, LinkedIn came up with a way to measure how important social selling is. They called it the Social Selling Index, and it was the first of its kind (SSI). You get a score on a scale of 0–100 based on how much time you spend on LinkedIn doing things that help you sell.