What is Etka? Where Can I Get it?


EPC stands for Electronic Parts Catalogue, and ETKA is the official EPC for Volkswagen Group vehicles. ETKA may be accessed in both English and German language versions. ETKA, which was introduced in 1989, replaced the previous parts books and microfilm-based catalogs. ETKA is an acronym for the German phrase ElektronischerTeilekatalog, which means “Electronic Parts Catalog.” Volkswagen AG has commissioned LexComInformationssysteme GmbH, a specialized automotive industry information systems software publisher headquartered in Munich, to develop the program for them. 

  1. No need for printing 

Due to the usage of ETKA, it is no longer necessary to print items. Support tools (such as Main Groups and Sub-groups) are pre-installed in the system and may be used immediately. The time it takes to discover what you are searching for is reduced, allowing you to identify the component your client needs at the precise moment that your customer requires it.

By locating the correct component, the first time, you can ensure that the client is satisfied. The majority of your customers will be pleased, and your Parts department will be more lucrative as well.

  • It provides enhanced capabilities for those working in a Windows-based environment.

In addition to the inclusion of complete spare parts information into the ETKA catalog, search capabilities have been improved to allow for quicker searches in a number of software applications. When reading an illustration text page, you may now use seven new and three enhanced zoom capabilities to examine the artwork in more detail and manipulate it with greater ease.

  • Guiding manual 

An answer key for the “Test Your Knowledge” questions is given at the end, which may be used to monitor your learning progress. Please keep in mind that this answer key is based on the most up-to-date parts information available at the time of publication.

You are expected to have a basic understanding of Audi’s component numbering system, VIN numbers, and PR codes to maximize your learning potential. 

You may now obtain pricing files, which include the recommended retail prices for genuine Audi spare parts, from the internet, which are available for immediate use. To add tax in the pricing calculation, you may enter your VAT-specific data under “Country settings” in ETKA INI-Editor under “Country settings.”

  • Significant cost-saving 

Significant cost savings are realized since new replacement parts are introduced into the market on a regular basis, necessitating the need to update the catalog on a regular basis. In contrast, updating a manual catalog is a time-consuming and expensive procedure that needs the whole catalog to be printed and disseminated after the changes have been made. 

The EKTA spare parts catalog lowers this expense to the bare minimum since, with a digital catalog, OEMs just need to make updates through an admin panel, and the changes have immediately reflected all dealers across the globe. This results in significant cost savings consistently.


Additionally, there are many additional advantages of using an EKTA spare parts catalog, like lower maintenance costs, a more error-free ordering procedure, fewer backorders, and easier order administration, among many others.