What is a Glasswasher? How to solve the problem related to glasswashers?

glasswasher repair

A glasswasher is a commercial washing machine built to wash and rinse a large quantity of glassware quickly. It is valuable for the business with the high drinks order like pubs, clubs, and juice bars. 

Most glasswashers wash the heap of glasses in less than two minutes. That makes cleaning your glassware with the commercial glasswasher ensure sanitation, meaning your fast-paced bar will have clean glasses ready for serving. 

A common problem of your glasswasher and what to do:

Due to the lack of glasswasher repair and maintenance regularly, glasswashers can be affected after continuous use. Here is the problem related to glasswashers and glassware and how to solve them:

  1. Draining issues:

A problem related to poor drainage or blocked food particles in the drain pumps. It is a common problem that results in faulty noise and foul smells. Water pumps to control the water while washing and rinsing check any blocked food particles blocking the pipes. If the problem rises with water leaking replacing the drainpipe is the solution.

  1. Unpleasant Noises:

It’s time to replace your glasswasher or go for repair if it sounds more unusual than its original. It may be waterlogged in the waste pipe if you are lucky enough, but your brushes may get worn out and brittle to the point that they can’t clean your glassware properly. This repair is needed asap.  

  1. No energy certified:

If your glasswasher is not Energy-efficient certified, you might want to consider replacing it as there is a high chance that you might end up with a bad power start-up. Though check your power source or the washer door lid closed, if this problem keeps on might end up with a high bill in the monthly budget.  

  1. Spots and Streaks:

If you are getting your glassware with spots and water streaks, it indicates that something is wrong with the machine. It could be that the dishwasher filter is dirty or hard water from the source. Check the filter and rinse it with hot soapy water. Clean the spray arm as it may get clogged due to an uneven temperature set.

  1. Leakage and underfilling:

Before calling for glasswasher repairs services, try checking under spilling or over spilling or even leakage, whether the drainpipe is clogged, or the issue of timer or float could be trapped. It could be the water inlet valve, the filters, or the control board itself. If the problem is prolonged, it’s time to get with the professionals. 

  1. Glassware has a foul smell:

The cause of the stale smell from the glassware indicates an incorrect renovating solution, or the washer doesn’t have a properly ventilated system. What to do is the glasswasher should have ventilation to ensure good air circulation. Clean the inside of the glasswasher, especially the door frame where yeast can build up. Leave the machine door open overnight to prevent bacteria from build-up inside the glasswasher.

Read the manual before installing your glasswasher to adhere to the stipulated maintenance timelines. For the maintenance of the glasswasher repairs, ensure to hire professionals with experience with the brand of your washer. 


In a place where regular use of glasses is inevitable, glasswashers are better for your glassware compared to the dishwasher. But issues might be affected if Glasswashers are not maintained regularly. Taking professional help can solve complicated problems or maintain its cleaning schedule for the longevity product.