What are the different types of wax warmer?

wax warmer outlet

Wax melts are a very efficient way to fragrance your home, but are they safe to leave on all the time! First of all, good quality wax melt cubes will throw scent for up to 10 hours before it stops smelling good. So keeping a wax warmer on any longer would be pointless. Once the fragrance has disintegrated, it would be best to turn off the heat source allowing the remaining wax to harden, thus making it easier to remove. Once removed, you can add a fresh wax cube and start over.

Wax melts (aka wax tarts) offer an alternative to candles, but you’ll need a wax warmer or melter to use them. You’ll find at least a few different kinds of wax warmers available. Which one should you choose for your home? Keep the following information on wax warmer outlets and melters in mind when you’re deciding which type to use.

Tea Light

Tea light wax warmers use light tea candles to heat wax melts. This type of warmer is an ideal choice if you enjoy the ambiance that a lit candle provides in your home. Remember that you might want to use unscented tea light candles since wax melts have their scent. If you use scented tea light candles, you can try different scent combinations with the candle and wax melt to create your aroma.

Electric with Light Bulb

Electric wax warmers use different sources of electric heat for wax melts. Some electric wax warmers use a light bulb for heat, such as incandescent bulbs. The wattages vary depending on the wax warmer you’re using. The advantage of using an electric wax warmer with a bulb is that it provides you with some light along with a pleasant scent. You also don’t have to worry about having an open flame in your home as you would with a tea light wax warmer.

Electric Outlet Plug-in

Some electric wax melters or warmers are plug-in models that you can easily use in any available outlet. These are a good option if you want to keep your wax warmers out of the way instead of having to find space for them on a table or other surface. Some electric plug-in wax warmer outlets also include a light bulb.

Electric with Heating Plate

Electric wax warmer outlets are also available in models that come with a heating plate. Using a heating plate provides a safe way to use wax melts without open flames. As with other electric wax warmers, you can conveniently turn these on and off as needed. Some electric wax warmers with a heating plate can also serve as candle jar warmers.
No matter what kind of wax warmer you get, all you have to do is place a wax melt inside it and let it heat up. Depending on the kind you get, this might involve lighting a candle, plugging it directly into a wax warmer outlet or turning it on. You can leave the wax melt inside your wax warmer next time you use it.