Ways to Create Elegant Wedding Cake

custom cake topper

For wedding cakes, nothing looks adorable like a classic baked cake which makes a wedding ceremony significant, and it will never get out of style. Therefore, a typical wedding cake should be created elegantly to make the wedding ceremony significant and make it colorful. Never think of just a white cake; try a little bit embellishing it and make it look stylish and unique. With this article, you will grab some knowledge on how you can decorate your white cake to perfectly suit your wedding style and aesthetic and make your ceremony colorful and unforgettable. Here are some ideas to help you with some ideas to create an elegant wedding cake.

  • Hand Printed 

With Detail hand Printed design, you can get inspiration from any of your favorite swatches of fabric wallpaper. In addition, it will help you elaborate to the baker how you want your cake to look as they handprint it. Your white cake, therefore, will look very much classic with the print on it.

  • Keeping Your Cake Monochromatic

You can keep your cake monochromatic if you need it classic by adding some 3D elements onto it, for example, sugar flowers to the tiers to keep it look gorgeous and the event before interesting.

  • Custom Cake Topper

Do you have an upcoming wedding ceremony and wonder how you would want your wedding cake topping to look like? You do not need to hesitate as you can now get a custom cake topper for your wedding. As much you would want your wedding cake designed, toppers are generally a great way to add texture and polish your cake. They also cover up a less-than-perfect frosting job. Since weddings are the most adorable moment and lifetime events before your cakes are eaten, make sure you do something to make it look even more beautiful and surprise your guest. Things have been made easier for you putting individuals tastes and preferences. Therefore, you can select a custom cake topper for your wedding ceremony based on your test and preference.

  • Get Tropical

You can still get an elegant wedding cake for the ceremony by placing all the focus on a tropical theme and let the event’s florists take the lead. The structural greenery will make its statement.

  • Adding Some Color

You will never find it so hard adding some color to a white cake as it’s an action that can still be done at the last minute. But, did you know you can also buy some edibles bright flowers for a garden-fresh pop? Always have flowers that are small-sized to avoid overwhelming your cake.


A cake being an important item in a wedding ceremony, make sure before anyone in the event has some bite to stare at it a little bit longer to admire how it is elongated. Always aim at making your wedding ceremony stand out and become memorable. The most important part of this is to make your cake a focal point at the reception.