Uses for Vacuum Trucks in Construction and Infrastructure

Vacuum Trucks

Hydro-excavation is the destruction-less process of digging that makes use of pressurized water and vacuum system to remove soil. The units that come in trailer-mounted and truck-mounted options have handgun wands and hoses that cut the soil accurately. As the soil is slackening, the unit’s boom is expanded to vacuum the detritus into the debris body tank of the unit. It is either dropped out or placed back to the site of excavation.  

The excavation is a method used in infrastructure and construction projects. However, the excavation with hydrovac units has gained popularity because of several benefits. Here follows some of the common uses of hyrdovac and the advantages operators get from it:


Potholing and daylight have turned out to be the most common chore for hydrovac operators. This technique is used to expose underground utilities that were installed already before any new infrastructure work or utilities begin. Hydrovac Excavation is known as non-destructive because the vacuum and water used to dig do not harm these utilities. Unlike the standard methods, hydrovac can safely dig around and expose utilities. Vacuum truck in Midland, TX is a safer, efficient, and accurate option for such projects. 


Hydrovac or vacuum trucks are perfect for slot trenching, which is a process of excavating narrow trenches for installing cables, pipelines, and underground utilities. It is an ideal option because of its precision. Apart from being a precise method, it can also dig narrow dimensions that cannot be done in other ways. It eases the necessity to backfill because only the locations that have to be excavated are touched. 


It can also be used for installing utility posts, signs, fence posts, and other components that are to be positioned into the ground at a specific depth. A hydrovac unit can accurately dig the exact diameter and depth without any difficulty. In the same manner, the process of hydro-excavating can properly dig for slot trenching, and it only impacts the immediate job site. This abolishes the need to backfill unlike in the case of the old methods used.


Apart from these, vacuum trucks in Midland, TX are also used for cleaning sewer pipes to support the process of preventive maintenance. They can also be used in electrical utilities, pipelines, road construction, slot trenching, plants, and refineries. In addition to these, the hydrovac trucks can also be used for emergencies, specifically in the cases of recovery missions and cave-in rescue.

Also in the case, if any hazardous material is spilled off, they can draw them out quickly. Hydro excavation is one of the latest applications of these vacuum trucks. The high-pressure water jetter excavates the ground and debris is pulled by the industrial vacuum hose pulls. These vacuum trucks are able to haul away heavy amounts of materials as they have water tanks that can hold around 1,500 gallons and the debris tanks up to 2,000 gallons.