Use Divider Tabs For Notebooks – Make Your Spiral a Portable Workstation

divider tabs for notebooks

In this world of mess, we always look for something that makes our life a little organized. Especially when you are a student, you need to be more organized with your notes and stuff. Using the divider tabs for notebooks can make your spiral a portable workstation. If you work on various projects, then it might be possible that a single laptop can be filled with random notes and thoughts. 

Divider Tabs for Notebooks

There are various ways by which you can divide your spiral notebook effectively. 

Simple Dividers

Making a simple divider is as simple as folding a paper and making a divider. You need to fold a sheet vertically from your notebook to make a shiftable divider. Turn the corners inward at the top and bottom to make triangles. You can also fold the paper in half verticals again, or you leave it as it is. It will make it easy for you to find any section. 

Sticky Notes

Sticky note is one of the easiest methods to make a divider in your notebook. These post-it notes or sticky notes are the perfect sizes for a notebook divider. You need to press the sticky side against the paper and leave some inches sticking out past the notebook. There are also sticky divider tabs that are designed to divide notebooks. These have a stronger adhesive and up of plastic. You can cut them off into smaller sections and make multiple dividers out of them. 

Construction Paper

Construction paper is slightly hard than any other paper. You need to cut the tabs out of construction paper and tape them in your notebook systematically. You can make so many shapes out of the paper and make the divider out of it. Make sure to keep the partitions from getting bent or torn while covering them. You can use a variety of colors and shapes to make the dividers. 

Climatic Divider

Just like a sticky note, the climatic divider tabs for notebooks is one of its kind. It has been made to manage your various messages into one notebook. It has an attachable clip so that you can stick it into your laptop without any sticking problem. The range of stationary dividers are designed to make you complicated thing uncomplicated such as our notebook. Arrange all your projects and tasks in neat sections within a single laptop with our handy dividers. You can easily create different tabs within your computer for various projects. You need to clip the top hook in the top of the spiral binding, bend the divider to secure the bottom turn, and label your walls to search through different sections easily! Easily compatible with any spiral notebook or file, and available in 5 solid colors.