Top 7 Tips to Pass Your CFI Check ride

CFI check ride

Check a ride is a form of examination in the USA that a candidate must undergo to receive a certification of an aircraft’s pilot certification. Check a ride is a form of a practical test. Federal Aviation Administration commonly conducts the test. Some other positions also include check rides that include air traffic controllers and even flight dispatchers. Achieving the title is mandatory, and for that, you have to pass the CFI check ride. To prepare for the CFI check ride, you must have to attend a CFI academy.

Essential tips to pass your CFI check ride

  1. Prepare your lessons – Students who generally write on their own quickly understand the material of lessons, making it easier for them to recall every topic. It is one of the best preparation methods for any individual to practice and learn quickly. This method will help you to learn efficiently, and it will be the reason for good results.
  2. Buying excellent and accurate lessons – If you cannot write the lessons, you can try to purchase them. If you buy lessons, you need to spend a certain amount of time firstly to check whether the content is correct or not. Once checked, you can go through it as it will save a lot of time for you as you don’t have to waste time writing.
  3. Practice with Everyone – Make sure to practice your lessons repeatedly and adequately. Try to interact with a person who is capable of listening to you. It is quite a suitable method if you find a companion as it will benefit both as one can quickly learn new lessons from the other. One can also practice with an experienced CFI.
  4. Understanding how people learn – The central aspect of CFI is understanding how other people learn. This method will increase your learning power, and it also improves your technique and makes you strong for the exam. You will be easily capable of modifying the lessons and can plan and learn accordingly of the needs.
  5. Know your Examiner – It is one of the best options to know your examiner. It quickly helps you in research. Talk to other pilots and properly take their guidance as it will provide you benefit at the time of exam and make it easier to score big and clear the exam.
  6. Vocalize everything you are doing – For check rides, make sure to practice your lessons by vocal daily as it improves your skills. The vocal practise of lessons quickly helps in better performance as it adds an impression on the examiner that you are accurate and have good efficiency. It is the essential factor that can quickly help in passing the exam.
  7. Memorize the ACS – Know your limits and standards properly, make sure to stay within the limit, and think only to the possible standards. Know the attitude, speed, and heading allowance, everything that the examiner can ask for.


Work with as many people as you want, as it will simply improve your level of experience and help in becoming a better teacher. Finally, follow all the steps to pass your CFI check ride.