Top 6 Black-Owned Men’s Clothing Brands


There are several black-owned clothing stores that you can trust for the finest and most eccentric men’s clothing. From the Top 6 Black-Owned Men’s Clothing Brands

start of African American existence, Black men’s image has been paramount and their fashion and grooming vital. Hence, they will go to the best brands with stylish outfits when purchasing their outfits. Here is a collection of the best black owned men’s clothing brands that offer the best quality and a group of fashion-forward, classy, and bold outfits.

1. Frere

It was founded by Davidson Petit- Frere, a Haitian fashion designer known for dressing the world’s most influential celebrities such as a famous musician Jay-Z and actor Michael K. Williams. With that mention, I’m sure you’ve probably seen an unapologetically bossy suit courtesy of frère. If you taste modern fashion, the Frere brand has got you covered.

2. Bianca Saunders

Bianca Saunders is a hailed British Men’s wear brand with Jamaican roots. Bianca Sanders- the first black British designer to win the ANDAM fashion award, has become an essential inspiration and a mentor to many designers establishing a stellar career in fashion. Some of the outfits include seasonal printed shirts with modern pattern cutting and lightweight fabric, unique pieces of denim, and summer-ready knitwear.

3. A Cold Wall

A cold Wall is a menswear brand that is rapidly growing and whose focus is to expand its visibility within the men’s sector. According to Forbes, Cold Wall has more than 115 global luxury stockiest. Being founded in 2015 by the London-based designer Samuel Ross, A Cold Wall is now catching the attention of buyers worldwide. The designers bring out an epitome of modernity, luxury, and something worth dissecting.

4. Pyre Moss

Pyer Moss is a rising New York-based brand launched in 2013 by the designer Kerby Jean- Raymond, who was the first Black US designer to show at the Paris Couture week runway show. He designs unique outfits with a high sense of fashion that has been worn by famous figures such as Zendaya and the US vice president Kamala Harris.

5. Daily Paper

Daily Paper is an Amsterdam-based menswear fashion brand established in 2012 by three childhood friends; Hussein, Jefferson, and Abderrahmene. The brand is inspired by the African heritage of its founders, who have been insanely passionate about contemporary fashion from the time they were young. It has ready-to-wear garments such as T-shirts and bucket hats. Daily Paper is a brand that has maintained exclusivity while growing.

6. Martine Rose

Martine Rose is a British-Jamaican designer based in London. Martine Rose launched her brand in 2007, and it has dynamically evolved into an internationally renowned brand. The brand has designed an awesome and oversized England football kit, which has made Martine Rose and Nike pay homage to the English players.


From the above discussed top 6 black owned men’s clothing brands, it is clear that they offer the best collection of outfits worth backing them right now and always. Thousands of fashion outfits are available on the best clothing online store that will grab your attention.