Top 5 Ways to Create Social Impact in the Society

Raj Dhaliwal - City of Calgary council election 2021

Social impact is often thought of as having this grand idea that must eradicate a significant issue in the world or be useless. But, on the contrary, having a critical mission and vision is impressive. Still, it also often derails many people who want to start social entrepreneurship, social enterprise, or even begin their footprint in making a positive social impact, says Raj Dhaliwal – City of Calgary council election 2021.

Making a difference towards long-term societal issues does not happen overnight. However, taking small steps every single day end up making a significant impact in the long run.

World-changing objectives involve institutions, organizations, governmental policy initiatives, and world leaders. Raj Dhaliwal – City of Calgary council election 2021 says the truth is, anyone could make a positive social impact on their day-to-day lives, and that is a great thing.

Here are a few examples that you could do to make a positive social impact:

Define What Sustainability Means to You.

Sustainability at its core is maintaining change in a balanced fashion. How it is implemented depends on you. The ever-increasing digital world should be embraced. This is not only affecting everyone in a professional aspect but on a personal one as well. Defining this at home will create a positive social impact. For instance, eliminating paper waste could be the overall theme. This means ensuring every bill is paperless and having access to them online while eliminating print.

Sharing vs Liking.

Let’s be honest about this one. Today the social activists leveraging the tools of social media. They think they are making a difference when they have this Twitter outrage. Saw a post that is just wrong? Please share it with local authorities or decision-makers in your local community to provide a solution. Digital likes do not do anything, says Raj Dhaliwal – City of Calgary council election 2021. More must be done, and with mobile technology, it could be done in as little as five minutes.

Reporting Harmful Content.

Children today are facing higher rates of anxiety, depression, and suicide. Kids are not kids anymore. This is one of the cons of our digital era, as harmful, disparaging content could be utilized at a moment’s notice. Girls are especially the focus of this throughout their grade school years and on online platforms. See a comment that is abusive on digital platforms? Please report it to corporate and follow up with them to ensure it’s taken down.

Taking Charge at Work.

Organizations, especially the younger ones, now care about team-building activities. Instead of heading to local breweries, how about organizing a day or two in volunteering to propel local social initiatives? Younger management professionals now welcome this in having a week of shortened hours to get out and do good work in their respective communities. This could involve roadside cleanups, building homes in under-served communities, volunteering at a local food bank, offering to speak with local high school students about career paths, or sharing a personal story that could relate to an unguided individual. Your experience and wisdom alone could make a profound difference.

Taking charge of organizing those initiatives for your society will improve you and all the people around you, says Raj Dhaliwal – City of Calgary council election 2021. As well, it will help to improve the team, the organization, and the surrounding community.