Top 5 Tips For Attractive Window Wraps


Did you know you can easily make your windows look attractive and transform them into an advertising place? It is very much possible with various designs ranging from temporary to permanent adaptable for specific uses and environment. Window wraps are usually versatile, bold to grab the attention of people passing by. Therefore designing window wraps will not only make your storefront look. Attractive but also promote your brand name.

Since there are various window wrapping designs, you might have some challenges in designing the right type of window. You will have to think about design principles, marketing goals, and legibility for perfect design and attractive window wrap. This article will thus guide you on topmost tips. For attractive window wraps to help you take your storefront to a higher level.

  • Know Your Option

Window wraps usually have a wide range of designs that are also versatile in terms of products. Here is some window wraps options to consider on tips to make an attractive window wrap raging from solids vinyl windows wrap, perforated window wrap, frosted decal, clear and opaque window decals.

  • Solid Vinyl Window Graphics

The graphics are usually designed and printed for solid Vinyl window graphics on either short term or long-term basis. It is an ideal design as both bases are covered with a UV laminate, ensuring the graphics design is colorful and serves at your storefront for a longer period.

  • Perforated Window Wraps

Be sure to consider perforated window wrap graphics ideal when your desire to allow plenty of light inside your storefront. With perforated window wrap, you will always experience an open feeling in your storefront. It is a durable graphic idea since it is printed with a seven-color printer equipped with 3M SX inc. 

It also grabs customers’ attention as it comes with vivid graphics.

  • Pick Your Images Carefully

Image selection helps you with the best commercial window decal. You should always consider a high-quality image that will support your message without causing distraction. When you use text, the best image selection for you should be sprawling sky blue.

  • Prioritize Readability

It is very important to consider the legibility of your design when you are using text, considering all the legibility of all potential customers. Make sure it can be read from far.

  • Identify Sizing Upfront

Always consider looking at the size upfront before selecting the size of your window wraps. Ensure it perfectly fit in, as this combo will make it looks more attractive.

  • Pick Your Colours Carefully

The window decal will ever look amazing in any color, depending on your preference. You can consider clear colors to help you grab customer’s attention easily. Be sure to try out yellow or white text as they create high contrast improving readability.


From this article’s discussion on design tips on windows, you will find out that any window wrap is easy, attractive, and cost-effective. You should therefore find it easier to make your window wraps more attractive. Make your storefront colorful and outstanding!