Top 5 Dental issues


A healthy and brighter smile is like bread and butter to most people. They would take it to the bank for their looks. We all know dental problems are not fun as they tend to lower self-esteem in most people in public places. But to the good news, the dental problems you may experience can be treated and taken care of. Eating a balanced diet, regular brushing of teeth and flossing, regular visiting dental in Leeds forms fundamentals tips in preventing dental problems.

Do not let yourself look illiterate and make a step in your life trying to seek some knowledge and know about the most common dental issues, their primary causes, how to prevent them, and treatment measures are taken when you happen to be a victim. Let’s get down in understanding various types of dental issues that are common.

  • Bad Breath

It is a dental problem that would embarrass you in public with a bad odor. What causes bad breath? Someone would ask. It is by various oral problems such as oral cancer, bacteria in the tongue, cavity, and gum disease. You can get covered by this problem by using mouthwash to mask the bad odor. It is recommended for you to visit dental in Leeds if you tend to have chronic bad bread.

  • Mouth Sores

Mouth sore is also a common dental problem but tends to disappear on its own. A mouth sore can either be bothersome or pesky. The most common mouth sore that occurs on the mouth and not on your lips is calker sores which become a concern when they don’t disappear past two weeks.

  • Gum Disease

It is a dental problem that commonly affects the gums surrounding teeth, which tends to cause loss of teeth for adults. Be keen as anyone is at risk of gum disease caused by smoking, dry mouth, and diabetes.

  • Oral Cancer

Talking of oral cancer, dentists claim it to be a deadly dental issue affecting millions of people. They also claim the problem to be curable when diagnosed and treated while at its early stages. The causative agent of oral cancer is smoking tobacco and HPV, which increases the risk. A regular dental visit could help in catching up on oral cancer.

  • Tooth Decay

You can also refer to it as a dental cavity. It is also the most prevalent dental problem that affects most people. You are prone to have tooth decay when sticky substances, plaque, combine with sugar and starchy food you take, producing acid that affects the tooth enamel. It is common to anybody at any age. Dry mouth due caused by medication or age also increases the risk of being a victim of a dental cavity.


We have seen it; we have grabbed the knowledge about dental problems that you find yourself at great risk of being a victim. Since nothing is permanent, a dental problem can also be taken care of and treated. You should ever visit dental in Leeds for checkups and consultation. Prevention is better than cure!