Things You Must Know About ASET And ASET Preparation Courses: A Detailed Guide For Beginners

ASET Preparation

ASET (Academic Selective Entrance Test/ GATE- Gifted and talented entrance test) is a golden opportunity. Clearance of this exam opens the door to the Gifted and Talented Program in the 7th year at Selective High School in Western Australia. ASET Preparation Courses are solely funded by governmental bodies to create healthy competition among students. Find here the detailed information about the nature of the examination, the syllabus it covers, and why it is crucial to know as a parent.


This test is meticulously crafted with four sections to examine a candidate’s critical thinking capability and problem-solving attitude. Every section contains fix number of questions that need to be solved under a strict time limit. 

Following are the sections with the time limit and the number of questions.

  • Reading comprehension (35-minute, 35 multiple choice questions)
  • Writing (25-minute, One piece of writing)
  • Quantitative reasoning (35-minute, 35 multiple choice questions
  • Abstract/Non-verbal reasoning (20-minute, 35 multiple choice questions)

After ASET

This point is here to give you a clear idea about the next step after ASET. ASET or GATE is considered in selective public secondary schools in Western Australia. A few of them are the following-

  • Albany Senior High School (2022)
  • Alkimos College (2022)
  • Applecross Senior High School
  • Balcatta Senior High School
  • Bob Senior High School
  • Bob Hawke College
  • Bunbury Senior High School

Every year participants increase, and so does the competition. Even if the pattern of the examination remains the same, the difficulty level is on boost. To stand out from the crowd, a student needs a well-structured preparation strategy with proper guidance. 

ASET preparation courses are the best path to reach the goal. There are 3 major reasons why one should go for the course-

  • A course provides an organized preparation strategy.
  • A course helps you understand the examination in and out.
  • A course saves your time; you could have invested in unnecessary research to find the right sources. 


ASET preparation courses are many, but to know all about ASET, one can visit websites that offer the respective services. You need to opt for a course that caters to the students with the following features-

  • They must provide a Modular based teaching system, proper worksheets, well-structured question paper, and work notes.
  • They should maintain the real test environment through question papers to make students groomed for strict time limits.
  • They need to first understand the psychology of each student. Only then do they set up the classes to provide one-on-one interaction.

For instance, Scholastic Excellence, with 17 years of coaching students and guiding 1000+ students every year, Scholastic Excellence provides all the above features in their ASET course.


It’s a fact that every student learns at a different pace. The exam is designed in a generalized manner for everyone. This ASET preparation courses test is a game of seconds because only a few seconds are allotted to each question.

In that scenario, performing strategically takes much practice and rigorous effort. To make the whole process smoother – from preparation to securing the seat – taking a course can be the best decision for a parent as well as a student.