The Ultimate Legacy of a Passionate IT Professional: Deepak Kharbanda

Deepak Kharbanda

In the field of Information Technology, the use of the latest and advanced technologies generally depends on the changes and requirements. Every step which is taken to introduce the new and developed technology is highly coordinated by the experts of this field. Experts such as Deepak Kharbanda, who is working for last more than 15 years in the field of Information Technology have attained good experience especially in the implementation of different techniques and methods.

Deepak Kharbanda always proves his significance by directing global quality and different processes that lead to the improvement of various initiatives. He started his career as a Software Engineer and has gained a piece of good knowledge in software development and testing. Apart from it, he also focused on the different programs and operations that were turned out to be very effective in the various industries including distribution and retail. Deepak was also used to guide the teams throughout the project and helped them to apply the advanced communication setup for training and mentoring skills.

Deepak Kharbanda

In addition to this, Deepak Kharbanda also possesses a great extent in project management. He also worked as a Project Manager for several years and gained extensive knowledge in project management. As a Project Manager, he always ensured that every step in the implementation of a specific process is properly executed and managed. He also made the necessary changes before the implementation of every process for a better outcome.

According to Deepak Kharbanda, time, cost, scope, and quality are the four key components for effective and efficient project management. Thus, to make things easy and more accessible, he always focused on these four components. With his knowledge in project management, he also led several big projects for the company and was also responsible to examine the overall changes in the project management.

Along with the key components, Deepak also focused on initiating the project to define the working with project stakeholders and sponsors. Kharbanda focused on planning as well so that the assigned deadlines for each task can be managed effectively. With the pre-planned execution of the specific tasks, Kharbanda also looked forward to bring out the maximum flexibility in the working operations.

Deepak Kharbanda also attained great knowledge in vendor management. He also worked for few years in vendor management and always gave satisfactory results to the companies. In vendor management, Deepak Kharbanda processed various methods that were required to manage the vendors of the company. He also performed various activities such as negotiating contracts, selecting vendors, controlling costs, ensuring service delivery, and reducing vendor-related risks. He was also given the responsibility to perform the risk due intelligence that was based on the nature of the company’s vendor management. 

Deepak Kharbanda Mission Viejo always focuses on quality work so that every task can be completed in a planned way for better outcomes. Along with the project management and software testing, Kharbanda also attained vast knowledge in mobile technologies, change management, agile project management, and waterfall project management.

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