The Role of Parents in NAPLAN Preparation-Scholastic Excellence

naplan preparation

The role played by parents in their child’s academic success is evident. Parents need to be more proactive and interactive with their children.

It gets more important when a child is preparing for some crucial exams such as doing NAPLAN Preparation.

In this article, we will discuss how parents play a part in their child’s preparation for big exams.

1. The academic achievement of a child increases when parents are actively involved 

The more involved parents become, the more the positive effect on a child’s academic success.

2. Participation of parents can lead to better school behaviour

The involvement of parents does not just improve academic performance but can also have a positive impact on the child’s attitude and behaviour. The interest and support of a parent in a child’s education can influence the child’s attitudes towards school, class conduct and self-esteem, absence and motivation.

3. Parents should be actively engaged in the pre-school

The involvement of parents can have a positive impact across all ages. It is most effective with a child in the early years and decreases as the child grows older. However, research has shown that parents’ involvement in high and middle school children is equally crucial. For a high school child, in particular, the encouragement of a parent can affect whether a child remains in school or quits. In the same way, a child might think about going to college more than if parents express interest in their child’s academic accomplishments and also talk to their child about the advantages of a college degree.

4. Training can help the parents of disadvantaged children become involved

Parents of low-income or minority kids are more likely not to take part in their children’s schooling than parents of children who are not disadvantaged. If the parents of low-income or minority children get the right training and guidance, they may be as effective as other parents. 

5. Reading together at home can greatly enhance reading abilities

Reading, particularly, is improved significantly when children and parents read at home together. Reading aloud to a child is a significant factor in a child’s reading skills.

6. Schools can promote parental involvement in many ways

Active involvement of parents is likely to happen as schools seek ways to engage parents and provide training programs that instruct parents on how to become involved in their child’s learning.

7. Participation of parents raises the morale of teachers

Teachers and schools benefit from parental involvement as parents better understand the challenges teachers face in their classrooms. Teachers’ morale improves. The communication between the school and home allows teachers to know the child better and helps the teacher teach the child better. Communication also helps dispel any doubts or misconceptions between parents and teachers.

8. The most significant issue is time limitation in the way of parent involvement

Lack of time is the most common reason parents give for not being more involved with their child’s education. In addition, time constraints are the main reason cited by school personnel as the reason behind not soliciting parental help more frequently. So, effective strategies to increase parental involvement will require taking away the time of teachers and parents or working out ways to accommodate their schedules. It will also help students prepare for crucial exams such as their NAPLAN Preparation.