The Difference Between An IT Company And A Software company

it consulting company reno
it consulting company reno

It can be difficult to draw a line between them, even for those familiar with the space. These two are often combined in statistics. Understanding the roles of these companies is crucial. Each company serves a different purpose and can help companies operate more efficiently.

Are you unsure how to distinguish the two? This post will explain the differences between software and IT. Let’s start by understanding the root cause of all this confusion.

What is the difference between software companies and IT companies?

IT is a broad term. IT covers technology, computers, and software used to improve operational efficiency. While IT companies address all of these issues, software companies focus on one component: software.

This is often where confusion begins because the companies in question are all part of the same industry. Despite being in the same industry, these companies play different roles. It can still be difficult to identify their specific areas of expertise, even if we have tackled that concept. Let’s look at the differences between each type of company to help you overcome this problem.

What is an IT company?

IT (information technology company) oversees the use and retrieval of information from devices.

What is a Software company?

Software companies create products in the form of different types of software. They are involved in technology, distribution, product development, and design.

Are you still looking for clarity? We’ve got you covered. We’ll cover more details about the IT companies and software companies in the following sections.

IT company

A successful IT consulting company Reno must fulfil many different roles. Apart from making sure your computers work, they do a lot more. IT companies allow people to use systems and devices to ensure that their businesses run smoothly. They assist teams every day in using technology to communicate, access and automate tasks. The majority of these tasks can be classified into one of the following three categories.

Let’s now take a closer look into what IT companies do every day.


When you think of what IT companies do, this is what most people associate with. IT companies ensure that operations run smoothly. They make sure that devices work properly and data is safe. IT also installs new software and hardware and provides technical support. IT is responsible for the overall management of data, software, and device within an organization.


IT must ensure that all systems are up-to-date and meet the company’s needs they work for. IT must ensure that hardware, networks and other functions are managed according to its needs.


It is also responsible for overseeing the use and maintenance of networks and systems. They set the parameters that govern how companies use technology and for what purpose. They create policies to control who can access what information and who has permission to see it.

Although IT and software companies share some of the same responsibilities, they have marked differences. Let’s now look at what software companies do.

Software Company

Software companies play an important role in helping teams communicate with each other and collaborate, just like IT companies. Their primary task is to create programs that enable this. Software companies create the programs that companies and consumers use every day. This is done by focusing on certain key areas.


Software companies are reliant on development for their core business. It is the first step to creating useful products for customers and businesses. Agile methodology is a popular software development model. Agile encourages teams to work together, collaborate and test to produce the best products.


User-friendly software is dependent on its design. Software companies consider the project’s requirements and create a product that is easy to use. This requires deep knowledge of the end-users and multiple rounds of testing.


Programming and design work together. Programming is what makes the software work. Programmers are responsible for coding software and ensuring it serves its intended purpose. Software companies and their programmers are involved in maintaining and making changes to existing software.