The Complete Guide To Year 7’s NAPLAN

naplan practice tests year 7

The year 7 NAPLAN practice tests online are a small milestone for many junior high students. It is typically their first taste of the new high school testing standards – an achievement and a challenge for many!

Nothing should cause you concern! Our comprehensive year 7 NAPLAN practice pamphlet offers all of the information you and your child will need for this year’s test, including a schedule of activities. For each test, we’ve split it down into its parts and provided a high-level summary of what you may expect.      

Year 7 NAPLAN Practice Examinations

You and your child may already know the format of the Year 7 NAPLAN Practice Tests Online assessment. It is based on the same paradigm as the NAPLAN tests that are delivered in Years 3 and 5 and includes questions such as the following:

Language Conventions, Numeracy, Reading and Writing,

If your child is taking the examinations on paper, these three tests will be conducted in the order listed above over three days. The testing dates for your child’s school, on the other hand, will be different if your child’s school uses an online testing style.

Consider the following skill sets and the expectations that go along with them:


This assessment is quite beneficial to readers! The reading test

Evaluate your child’s ability to read and comprehend what they are reading. The works range in complexity from short tales and feature pieces to poems and essays.

The nature of the questions would be a small percentage of literal questions while the bulk of it would be testing the student’s inferential skills and vocabulary.      


NAPLAN Writing Test for Year 7 assesses two different types of abilities. Included among them is your child’s ability to write in a sophisticated manner while reacting appropriately to the given stimuli. Students are required to produce compelling material, which could be imaginative, persuasive, or informational      

Writing that is imaginative – includes narrative writing

Writing that is persuasive and informative

While creative and persuasive writing has been assessed in the Year 7 NAPLAN, informational writing is not yet evaluated.

Language conventions

The Language Conventions Test assesses the students’ language competence in spelling, punctuation and grammar.


Year 7 Spelling component in the Language Conventions test could be to spot a misspelled phrase and, in certain situations, fix it.      Furthermore, most spelling questions ask students to fix their own spelling mistakes once they have completed them. The punctuation and grammar requirements for this question are less demanding than those for previous Language Conventions questions.


When your child takes the NAPLAN exam Test, they will be assessed on numerous distinct sorts of punctuation skills. Frequently ignored between Year 3 and Year 5 are simple punctuation concerns like full stops and question marks, colons and speech marks.


The grammar component of the Year 7 NAPLAN examination looks into a range of fundamental language principles. Ordinary and irregular tenses are at the heart of the vast majority of grammatical problems. Requests for punctuation and grammatical components, on the other hand, are sometimes made.


The NAPLAN Numeracy test in Year 7 assesses your child’s ability in three areas of mathematical content as follows –            

Algebra I and Algebra II

Geometry and Measuring Instruments

Statistics and probability

Your child’s arithmetic understanding, fluency, problem-solving, and reasoning skills are assessed in each of the three areas listed above. Significant revisions have been made to the NAPLAN Numeracy test for Year 7. A single test session with 48 questions has been reduced to one session alone. It is proposed that a single session with 64 questions be used instead of the previous two-session format. It is divided into two sections: Part A and Part B (which does not allow the use of calculators)      


For your youngster, the moment has come to put all they’ve learned into year 7 NAPLAN practice.

We would like to emphasize, however, that over-preparing for the NAPLAN is not necessary. This is since the NAPLAN promotes and assesses skill development throughout time. Rather than extensive preparation, we suggest a little amount of practice – just enough to acclimate your kid to the test and reduce any test-day jitters.