The 5 Top Entertainment Podcasts in 2022

best entertainment podcasts
best entertainment podcasts

The world cannot be predictable in the present moment, as we are in the third season of the pandemic. But do you know what will be there for you, no whatever? Podcasts, that’s what! Suppose you’re trying to pass through a boring change, are looking for motivation to take one of the mental health walks we’ve heard about, or would like to shut down your mind and enjoy another person’s voice for a bit. In that case, podcasts are the perfect solution and the best entertainment.

Do you want a hilarious podcast about modern-day dating, or do you like to take an investigational deep dive into the ways that boys are being radicalized on the internet? If you’re looking for tips on being a grown-up more effectively, there are podcasts specifically for you! To make it easier for you, we have compiled the five best entertainment podcasts you should take in in 2022. Clear your schedule and get your headphones charged since you’ve got seriously listening.

  1. ‘U Up?’

If I say that this podcast will be a game-changer for every modern-day dater out there, I’m saying it. Stand-up comic Jared Freid and Betches co-founder Jordana Abraham dole out all of the dating tips you require to be successful in the ever-changing web of apps for dating, relationship games, and late-night “u is it?” texts. Their embarrassing sexuality and red flag deal breakers will have you laughing loudly and if you decide to read them in public, beware!

  1. ‘Boys Like Me’

The moment Evan Mead heard about a driver who drove a van through a bustling Toronto sidewalk, killing eleven people in the process, Mead made an unsettling realization: the driver was his former classmate from high school. Both were marginalized in their school but went on completely different paths through life. The new series, which runs for five episodes, dives into the violent and misogynistic radicalization of men in the “incel” community and what draws them to join. It’s both terrifying and fascinating simultaneously.

  1. ‘What Happened to …?’

If you’re the type of person who is always asking, “Whatever happened to that person from the incident?” Well, don’t worry about it anymore! This podcast is better than you. It offers information on the weirdest pop culture events you’ve probably not thought of in a while, such as The Ice Bucket Challenge or even murder Hornets.

  1. ‘American Radical’

How can someone go from being an introverted, shy person not interested in politics to being executed at the Capitol as they pushed through the police during an uprising? This podcast attempts to solve this question. The Boyland family, Rosanne Boyland, who was among the protesters who passed away on the 6th of January, retraces the most recent one-year period of her life. It also reveals the terrifying QAnon web-based rabbit holes she was able to get into.

  1. ‘Sweet Bobby’

If you’re a lover of CatfishCatfish, the podcast is similar to that but with steroids. It is one of the best entertainment podcasts for a reason. The story goes that a radio host known as Kirat was over a gorgeous stranger she had met on Facebook but was shocked to find out that the man wasn’t who he appeared to be. The series focuses on the real identity of the CatfishCatfish and the motive behind their plots.