Taha Drah – Media Marketing Expert


You must have heard so many marketing experts telling everyone to use social media as part of their promotional marketing. And while using social media, you would have seen these promotional advertisements also. The Internet is flooded with information about using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social sites. Lakhs of articles have already been written on how to use social media so that can help promote your brand image in a better way and how it can generate web traffic (both organic and inorganic) for your main business website.

One person with vast knowledge and experience in marketing is Taha Drah. He is currently serving as the Founder of DRH Media, a hyper-focused team of Paid Advertising experts. Taha Drah is a forward-thinking man who mostly spends his time and effort making the firm successful.

Tips for using Social Media given by Taha Drah

We should keep in mind that social networking is a better marketing tool at present. But it is only effective when we use it properly to promote the business. In today’s digitally connected society, every client will be an active member of social networking sites regardless of their gender, age, or economic status. So, here are the 7 Business Development Marketing Tips given by Taha Drah for using Social Media:

  1. Go where your customers are and not where you feel comfortable
  2. Engage and interact with social network groups and communities
  3. Research your competitors’ activities thoroughly
  4. Release programs and offers that are exclusive to your social networking channels
  5. Social media participation must be authentic and transparent
  6. Look for value opportunities in selling your product through social networking
  7. Always do testing and refining based on results generated

Taha Drah is a very dedicated person to his work. His passion, dedication, and drive have helped him and his team reaches all new heights as they help their customers make their mark in this ever-growing digital marketplace.

Taha is a British entrepreneur. He has enrolled at the University of Sheffield for a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. On 28th August 2020, he booked the drhmedia.com domain to start his business. He started his business with only 4 people (including him). He is a student, and with a group of youngsters, he is trying to set his foot in the digital marketing industry. Taha Drah is trying his best to stand still in the hyper-competitive paid advertising industry and manage his corporate and private life.